You don’t need new AirPods, you just need to clean the gunk out of them!

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NEWS – If you use AirPods, or any earbuds for that matter, they can get dirty with debris like earwax. Yuck, right? If you don’t feel like the acoustic performance of your earbuds is as good as it was when you first bought them, then maybe they need to be cleaned. The KeyBudz Air Care 2.0 AirPods cleaning kit has a tool with interchangeable brush tips to clean every opening, port, and hole on the buds or even your phone and other small electronics. Everything is stored in a small case for easy storage. Grab one from Amazon for $29.95 and if that’s more than you’d want to pay, you should check out this other 21-in-1 AirPods cleaner kit that stores in a little vacuum!

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