LG’s new PuriCare air purifier does more than just clean the air

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NEWS – Air purifiers are great for keeping the air inside our homes healthy and fresh, but can we all agree that they are mostly unattractive and take up too much space?

LG is changing this with its new PuriCare AeroFurniture line of air purifiers. These 360º HEPA filter air purifiers are designed to do what all air purifiers do, but they don’t just sit in a corner looking boring. The PuriCare air purifier is also a side table with a wireless charging pad on top for your phone and provides app-controlled mood lighting, too!

So it sounds like a win-win appliance, right? The only downside is the price (HK$3,280.00/$419USD), and I’m only finding the AeroFurniture line of LG PuriCare air purifiers on LG’s Hong Kong site right now. Want to learn more? Head over to LG.com for all the details, and if you want a regular air purifier (some of them aren’t too ugly), check out our air purifier reviews right here on The Gadgeteer because we have a LOT of them!

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7 thoughts on “LG’s new PuriCare air purifier does more than just clean the air”

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  2. Someone (Leo Laporte?) told me air purifiers are more placebo than function. I was talking to him about the one he advertised for the longest time.

    I would love to have you or the other reviewers here review one and give some honest feedback.

    1. Review air purifiers in general or this one? I dno’t think an air purifier is a placebo. I know that some of the ones that I have reviewed will turn on full blast when we use strong cleaners or burn something on the stove.

  3. As an electrical engineer who has dabbled in biomedical sciences, I’m always a bit wary of devices that emit larger (and more powerful) electromagnetic fields. Without knowing the full specs on this device, I’d probably take a pass with the assumption that EM fields would not be something I’d be wanting to sleep next to, even with the convenience wireless charging.

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