Here’s an EDC gadget for Starbucks lovers!

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NEWS – Do you have a Starbucks coffee habit? When you spend money on coffee, you want to enjoy the entire cup of coffee the way it was meant to be – hot. The riddiaSip is a portable cup warmer designed especially for paper to-go cups. This rechargeable mini cup warmer fits under most coffee shop cups. Turn on riddiaSip when your coffee has cooled to your desired temperature, and within seconds, the internal sensors will adjust to maintain the cup’s current temp of up to 200F, so the beverage will always be the right temp for you till the last sip. It also has built-in circuitry to automatically power off when it detects that you’re no longer lifting/drinking from the cup. You can buy a riddiaSip for $29.99 from And if you don’t want a mobile cup warmer, my all-time favorite desk-style cup warmer is the Ikago warmer from Amazon. I use it every day and it’s excellent!

2 thoughts on “Here’s an EDC gadget for Starbucks lovers!”

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  2. So Julia, the price is right, especially compared to Ember devices (I have 5 Embers and appreciate their technology). But, I wonder, you can’t set the temp as with Ember? Also do they only work on paper or Styrofoam?

    1. Hi Tom, I don’t have first hand info about this cup warmer, but their webpage says it’s for paper to-go cups so I don’t think it would be a good idea to use it with Styrofoam cups. As for setting the temp, the way this warmer works is that you turn it on when the beverage is your perfect temperature. For example, you buy a cup of coffee and it is scalding hot. When it’s just right, put the riddiasip on the bottom and turn it on and the sensors will detect the temp and keep it there. At least that’s what they are claiming.

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