Here’s a table top heater and diffuser that looks amazing and doesn’t use electricity!

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – The Italian-designed Tornado tabletop indoor/outdoor heater and oil diffuser is made of terracotta and is powered by clean burning bioethanol. When lit, the unique chimney design causes the flame to spin like a tornado and not only looks cool but releases the heat for maximum warmth. How much heat does it put out? According to their comment area:

Tornado radiates over 2000 W, which is approximately 7000 BTU. The heat generated is comparable to that of much larger bioethanol fireplaces.

The Tornado campaign ends on 12/03/23 and they already surpassed their funding goal of $5,285. You can pre-order a Tornado starting at $180. After the Tornado campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in February 2024. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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7 thoughts on “Here’s a table top heater and diffuser that looks amazing and doesn’t use electricity!”

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  2. Oh man… How I love fire. Even though I have a fireplace, I don’t use it. It’s more about the light that’s put off. I have two Hurricane lamps and love’em, just for that reason. This guy might just be a new addition. Especially fun here in my Colorado home where I could always use a little more warmth. Esthetically it looks really fun, but like another comment, I wonder about the heat output. Ugh. Thanks ALOT Julie!

  3. Very cool concept but as a heater with a yellow flame indicating an inefficient burn, of ethanol at nearly 40 USD a gallon it’s a no go for me.

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