This multi-tool makes everyday DIY tasks easier!

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NEWS – The ResafeLy is a titanium multi-tool that can help make your everyday fix-it work a little easier. This small handheld tool can be used as a prybar, a flathead screwdriver, a bit driver (2 bits are included in the handle), a ruler, and a bottle opener. But the most interesting feature of this multi-tool, in my opinion, is the ratchets. You get a bi-directional 1/4″ ratchet bit driver, and a ratchet wrench that can tighten M12 and smaller-sized bolts. When you use M10 and smaller bolts, you get a ratcheting function. The ResafeLy is priced at $54.99 from Amazon, where the reviews are 88% 4 and 5 stars. Is this something you would use in your EDC?

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6 thoughts on “This multi-tool makes everyday DIY tasks easier!”

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  2. No, where is the blade? Might as well carry a Leatherman. Any one of them would do. I’m a tech, rack and stack, cable guy as well. So this took is very limited.

    1. Christopher Beardsley

      Right dude…. Wtf😳 either they are too lacking in knowledge that it’s not going to work. Pull the top off the screw etc. or, they are just flat out lying. Either way… clown alert.

  3. Hi Julie, this is your former “at work” colleague Leon. I hope all is well with you. I wondered if you have had an opportunity to review the new Leatherman ARC? It looks like a good tool to me. I am anxious to know your thoughts about it. Take care! Regards, Leon

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