This EDC flashlight is the multi-tool of flashlights!

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NEWS – The Sofirn IF23 flashlight has a lot going for it. You can obviously use it as a regular flashlight and it will do a great job with that task since it has a max of 4000 lumens. But where the Sofirn really shines (I couldn’t resist) is with a second built-in 500 lumen flashlight that is built into the handle. The really cool thing about the side light is that it’s an RGB light. You can set the side light to any color you like to set the mood or even as a tool for enhancing your photography. But wait, there’s more! The Sofirn has a magnetic tail cap AND you can use this USB- C rechargeable flashlight as a backup battery for your other gadgets. Want one? Head over to Amazon where it’s only $55.99.

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3 thoughts on “This EDC flashlight is the multi-tool of flashlights!”

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  2. I really like the looks of this light. The only thing I wonder if the button can be easily pressed when carrying it in your pocket? If that button is fairly hard to press, then I will be purchasing one. Keep up the great work. Us gadgetholics need the goodies!!

    1. Currently have one in my car, I have a piece of card on the battery so it can’t be randomly powered up. The button is soft, to press but has decent “travel” before it engages. It has a multiple light modes and dim levels if you’re into that

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