Looks like a pen, screws like a driver

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NEWS – The STANLEY 4-in-1 Screwdriver (66-344) looks like a pen or a highlighter, but it’s really a screwdriver that features a magnetic bit holder and comes with 2 double sided bits that offer 2 sizes of standard straight screwdrivers and 2 sizes of Phillips screwdriver tips (tip sizes include 5/32″ standard, 1/8″ standard, No. 1 Phillips and No. 2 Phillips). The handle on the STANLEY 4-in-1 Screwdriver (66-344) is made of textured nonslip material to make it easy and comfortable to tighten or loosen screws for small DIY projects. You can stick one on your pocket for only $7.67 from Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “Looks like a pen, screws like a driver”

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  2. John Edward McCartney

    I have these since this is my go-to for pocket screwdrivers. I prefer the older version since it fits my Rite-Rain note pad. I’d also prefer mostly yellow to make it easier to find.

  3. There isn’t a magnetic bit holder, the bits themselves are magnetic. I have kept several of these around for years, they are super handy.

    1. Nooo, finally no stupid bottle opener!
      Every other gadget/tool already have a bottle opener. So well done Stanley for NOT following the mass.

      Stay focused and if you add something, make sure it’s innovative.

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