SaladPower organic smoothie review – 2x your daily vegetable requirement without gagging!

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REVIEW – I know that I’m not the only person who struggles to eat the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. The current # of recommended servings per day is 5 servings! Heck, I’m lucky to eat that many servings in a whole week! When I was offered the opportunity to try SaladPower veggie smoothies, my first thought was ick, but then I read more about it and thought what the heck, let’s give it a try. I did and here are my thoughts!

What is it?

SaladPower is a single-serving 8 oz smoothie made with organic vegetables and fruits. It’s packaged in a pouch that you can drink from.

What’s in the pouch?

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All of the ingredients are printed right on the minimally designed pouch. As you can read, there are:

  • 16 spinach leaves
  • 12 kale leaves
  • 5 carrots
  • 4 broccoli heads
  • 1/2 an apple
  • 1/4 of a lemon

All of the ingredients are USDA-certified organic.

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Here are the nutrition facts. Each 1 serving pouch is 90 calories and it is relatively low in carbs which I personally appreciate due to my personal medical history. There is also no added sugars or other sketchy ingredients.

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You want to drink the SaladPower smoothie cold so refrigerate it for at least a few hours before drinking it. And although you can drink straight from the pouch, I decided to pour it into a glass so I could show what it looks like.

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Ok, maybe showing what it looks like wasn’t such a good idea because… well… it kinda looks like… I think you know what it looks like, so I won’t say it 😉 But the important question is how does it taste? I was worried that it would taste strongly of broccoli because although I love broccoli, I don’t necessarily want to drink it in liquified form. I was pleasantly surprised because it doesn’t taste like broccoli at all. The SaladPower smoothie has a sweetness, but it’s not over the top which is good. It has the texture of apple sauce and has more of a fruity flavor than veggie flavor. I liked it and had no problem drinking the entire serving.

What I like

  • Simple real organic ingredients
  • No sugar, but nicely sweet

What I’d change

  • I wish it wasn’t so expensive

Final thoughts

SaladPower’s ingredients are good, the nutrition is good, and the taste is also good.  So, would I drink SaladPower smoothies as a way to supplement my diet with more veggies? Yes. But, it’s pretty expensive at $9 a pouch if you don’t want to subscribe and $7.65 per pouch if you subscribe (you can cancel at any time). That adds up quickly if you plan to drink one every day. Convenience foods like this are always going to be more expensive than buying the individual veggies and fruits and preparing your own smoothie. But there’s something to be said for being able to open the fridge, grabbing a ready-to-go pouch, drinking the 8 oz and calling it a day. What do you think? Would you drink a veggie smoothie?

Price: $54.00 for 6 pouches (one time purchase)/$45.90 for 6 pouches when you start a subscription
Where to buy: SaladPower
Source: The sample for this review was provided by SaladPower.

8 thoughts on “SaladPower organic smoothie review – 2x your daily vegetable requirement without gagging!”

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  2. Is it filling?
    The ingredients had already yucked me.
    I wish the colour was more green. It just looks awful.
    But one a day?

    1. You’re not going to use this as a meal substitute. It’s just a snack. As for the color, if you don’t put it in a glass like I did, and you drink it from the pouch, you won’t notice the color so much 😉

  3. Interesting, but too $$ for me, plus making my own I found raw greens don’t work with my digestive system. I’d be interested in review(s) of one or more of the fruit and veg supplement capsule sets. They aren’t cheap either (although BioSchwartz recently released a more economical version on Amazon), and taking the veg capsule can be rather gag-inducing due to the smell. But it doesn’t upset my digestive tract.

  4. An essential question is how are the actual ingredients converted into the product? Many times, the processing removes some or even all of the nutrients.

  5. Does anyone know the Mfg process used? It’s key to understanding it’s health value. Should we assume pulverizing and heat pasteurization?

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