This incoming Ausom Leopard electric scooter looks like an all-terrain monster!

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NEWS – When I first saw the specs on the Ausom Leopard electric scooter, I thought they’d forgotten to convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour. A second glance though confirmed what I’d read: top speed of 34 mph, range over 50 miles, and hill climb capability of 25°! Since you’d be zipping around at a blur at full speed (where legal), Ausom added 6 LED safety lights to ensure visibility from every angle. Other safety features include a very wide grippy deck, electronic + disc brakes, turn signals, brake lights, and a horn.

The “SUV-like” 10 inch tires should be able to roll over cracks and road debris with ease, and combined with the dual suspension makes the Leopard capable of tackling gravel and dirt trails as well. The large battery boasts 50+ mile range, and there’s even a detachable seat if you’re planning on taking long trips or just prefer a seated position while riding.

I’m excited to test out this beast of a scooter and have already planned some long routes along river and canyon trails to test the distance and hill climb capabilities. Stay tuned for my review in a few weeks and if you want to buy one now, you can use the discount code Leopard50 to get $50 off when you buy it on the official website for only $899.99. This special deal ends on 8/7/2023. The scooter is also available on Geekbuying.c0m for the same price.

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