TwelveSouth’s Hoverbar Tower iPad stand towers above all others

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NEWS – Free-standing floor stands for the iPad have been missing in action for a little while. When the iPad was new, I reviewed several, but I’ve only seen desktop-type stands for the last few years. Leave it to our friends at TwelveSouth to break this dry spell with their HoverBar Tower.

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Billed as being for “more than just fitness” the tower promises to let you:

Position this floor stand low to the ground for a yoga class, at eye level for music lessons, or in front of your stationary bike. HoverBar Tower can even hold iPad above your desktop monitor as a second (or third) screen. Use iPad in unlimited ways with HoverBar Tower.

I have their first-gen Hoverbar for the desk or shelf (which they have upgraded to make it easier to transition between) and I really enjoy it. I am in the process of (very gradually) moving to a new home, where I hope to have a place where I can use something like this on a regular basis: a covered, shady deck area for morning coffee/news browsing and writing.

HoverBArTower 1

I’ve spent time there waiting for various service providers over the past few weeks, and am getting more excited about it as the days pass. Now, is it worth me investing yet another Benjamin on yet another iPad stand, just to have a comfy tower stand beside my glider? Time will tell. Get more info and order one for $129.99 from or Amazon.

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