This CES-featured portable monitor works for Macs, Windows, and the Nintendo Switch

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DEAL NEWS – You don’t need a desktop if you want a dual-screen setup anymore. Portable monitors are getting pretty sleek, and a particularly exciting one was just featured at CES 2023. The Mobile Pixels Glance is a 16-inch HD monitor that’s ready to plug into your laptop and bring the fun to a new screen. Until March 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get a Glance for just $184.99 (reg. $249). 

A monitor that’s as portable as your laptop

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just want to play video games at a coffee shop, this portable monitor could be an awesome fit for you and your laptop. Folded up this monitor is super thin, lightweight, and easy to transport. Fold out the bottom and it even stands on its own. All that’s left is to plug it in and enjoy. 

Glance lets you switch between landscape and portrait mode. Get a better view of those giant spreadsheets or watch a movie in crisp color. There’s also a 3.5mm aux jack on the side, so you can even plug in a pair of headphones. 

Glance is compatible with DP-enabled USB-C ports and HDMI. If you’re using the HDMI connection, you’d also need to use another USB-C cable as a power source. And of course, all the cables you need are included with your purchase, along with a charger block to power the whole thing.

Computers aren’t the only thing you can connect to this portable monitor. Hook up your Nintendo Switch or DeX-compatible device for some gaming or extra-portable productivity time. 

Get a second monitor for your laptop

Want the space of an extra monitor with the portability of a laptop? Mobile Pixels has a super slim, plug and play freestanding monitor that’s compatible with Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and DeX devices. For a limited time, get a 16-inch Glance HD Monitor on sale for $184.99 (reg. $249). Sale ends March 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

Prices subject to change.

6 thoughts on “This CES-featured portable monitor works for Macs, Windows, and the Nintendo Switch”

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  2. I’ll bite. I like the “stand”. Just got it on Amazon for $179. Will see how I like it when it arrives.

  3. Got this, used it for the weekend. Quick thoughts.

    First off I think the “right” price point for this is around the $180 Mark. I think the $250 is a bit high in my opinion.

    Build quality is decent, it is very thin, I also got a hard case to store it in, I would be very worried about smashing the display tossing it in my laptop bag. The folding display/stand is very good for my use (this is the reason I pulled the trigger on this model). Very solid, easy to adjust angle.

    The stand doesn’t work too well for portrait mode, not a problem for me but take that into account if getting one.

    Display quality is clear, minimal light bleed, decent color. Not the best choice if you are looking to use it as a high end graphics artist display, or expecting zero latency gaming monitor.

    What I really like tho. I got it to replace an 11″ similar display that is just TOO small for my uses. The size is a very good match for my 16″ MBP. It also worked on EVERYTHING I used it on with ZERO config/setup needed. I used the built in USB-C video connection on Both My M1 and Intel MBP’s, My Samsung S22 Phone with Dex, My Samsung S7+ with Dex, Pocket GPD Windows 10, Lenovo i3 Flex ChromeBook, Lenovo X1 Carbon Ubuntu 20.04, and SteamDeck. No drivers needed, No extra config, I simply plugged in the USB-C and it worked.

    I also used it on my Switch and PS2 (with HDMI adaptor). Both worked fine, however the 4:3 scaling on the PS2 was not great.

    The Mat display is nice, and doesn’t pick up fingerprints like most glossy displays, however the stand and bezel are fingerprint black holes.

    Things I would change. Sub $200 price IMHO is fair. Moving the connectors and buttons to the rear of the stand instead of side would allow it to be used easier in portrait mode. Less glossy frame.

    All in all I’m keeping it, It’s a solid monitor, that is small enough and light enough to keep with me when working at office, and it is a great monitor to have around to test random devices.

  4. After using this for a week I’ve got an update. (a good one)

    The monitor has TWO USB-C connectors, and ONE Mini-HDMI. If you are using a USB-C device the monitor is powered by the USB port, but if you use HDMI you must provide an external USB power adapter. At first I thought like most of todays devices the power adapter was NOT included. Turns out I didn’t look under the cardboard packing divider.

    One feature I found that isn’t mentioned at all in the listing or the “manual” (index card with quick start picture), USB-C PD passthrough works. I primarily have been using this monitor with my ChromeBook as I travel around. I’m usually scared taking my expensive MBP M1 into the field to get damaged. I used the monitor for a week frustrated that I couldn’t power both my chromebook and monitor at the same time having only ONE USB-C port on ChromeBook. Turns out I can plug my PD power supply into port 1 of the monitor, and my Chromebook into port 2 of the monitor. It powers both my monitor AND charges my Chromebook. It appears to support PD quick charge if I use my laptops USB-C charger, but not the included one.

    In my first comment I mentioned moving the buttons and connectors to the back would be better. In retrospect the side location works better if using more than one device or power passthrough, I wish the display was a tad higher resolution. 1920×1200 or 2560×1440 would be great, tho I’m guessing that would bump the price.

    TL:DR – The monitor supports USB-C PD power passthrough allowing you to charge devices with only a single USB-C power, this isn’t mentioned in the instructions or anything I easily found.

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