Here’s a great EDC tech gadget for your favorite geek!

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budi 9in1 usb reader 1

NEWSEDC gear related news and reviews are extremely popular on this site. But EDC isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts and preppers. Every Day Carry products are for everyone. Even tech geeks like a lot of you (and me).

Budi is a 9-in-1 computer multi-tool. It features storage for 6 microSD cards and 2 SIM cards while also offering a SIM extraction tool, USB-C to USB-C cable, microSD card reader, and adapters so that you can use this device with iOS devices, micro USB devices, and computers.

Budi packs card storage and a card reader in a thin form factor that fits easily in a pocket or your favorite gear bag. It’s only $22.99 on Amazon so go get one now and if you’d rather store your SD and microSD cards in your wallet, I love these credit card-sized microSD card holders and have some in my own tech EDC Altoids tin.

budi 9in1 usb reader 6

budi 9in1 usb reader 2

budi 9in1 usb reader 5

budi 9in1 usb reader 4

10 thoughts on “Here’s a great EDC tech gadget for your favorite geek!”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    Very cool solution to a problem of our own making… this whole adapter/connector salad we have to have is just ridiculous.

      1. I think we’ll see a slow convergence on USB-C, as that’s exactly why it was designed – to be able to be used in all the USB use-cases that have cropped up and required different ports over the years.

        Whether that convergence will complete before another new format is needed is an open question – but I doubt it.

          1. The KableCard seems to be a better option than this imo. It has lesser slots for SIM cards and micro SD cards but who needs a ton of slots anyway. It’s also the size of a card (well maybe 3 cards stacked) and has wireless charging. And a light lol

      2. Actually I think governance may be coming soon! The European Union is currently trying to mandate basically ALL portable electronics must use a USB-C port from now on, including iPhones, as means to reduce e-waste. If they are able to pass that law, I don’t see why any manufacturer would still use anything else for other counties when they are already forced to use USB-C in all of Europe.

        1. They already did that with micro USB and Apple just shipped an adapter with their phones, they didn’t change their ports. I’m also not sure mandating it is the best thing as that could potentially slow innovation. And not to mention, it’s a long shot to dream that many changes the EU forces on apple will translate to changes in their products worldwide. Charging ports are such a small part that it probably wouldn’t be difficult for them to just build two different models. Cables are such a cash cow for them that I doubt they would give it up in the rest of the world just because the EU made a rule about it.

  3. I thought it was finally the USB stick storage / dispenser device I always wanted. I think I have 8 different USB sticks.
    Sadly 6 have their tiny hasps broken so I can no longer carry all of them on a keyring. Having a small pez dispenser of USB sticks would be awesome.
    Putting sticks on a keyring is a great reason not to lend anyone a stick.
    Those adapters could have been drives without hurting anyone.

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