Atomi Alpha electric scooter review

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REVIEW – I’ve already got one EV parked in the garage. I enjoy the convenience of charging at home and the thrill of strong acceleration. This time I’m scaling much smaller with the Atomi Alpha Electric Scooter. My EV fleet has now increased by one.

What is it?

The Atomi Alpha is a sleek lithium-ion battery scooter propelled by a 650W motor. atomi alpha scooter 01

What’s in the box?

atomi alpha scooter 03

atomi alpha scooter 04

The scooter comes nearly completely assembled. Comes with instructions, charger, two screws and a hex wrench.

Hardware specs

– 650W Max. Motor Power
– 40km/25miles Long Range
– 30km/h Max. Speed
– 9-inch Anti-puncture Tubeless Tires
– 120kg/265lbs max load
– LCD display
– 2 second double insured folding mechanism
– Built-in combination lock
– Ambient Light bars
– App Bluetooth

I weighed the scooter (no charger) and it clocked in at 35-1/2 pounds.

atomi alpha scooter 06


The Atomi is a folding scooter with a hinge (left). Notice the zip-tied cables. Assembly consists of adding two hex screws. It took some fiddling to get the threads started. The holes are lined up about 99% of the way.

atomi alpha scooter 05A charging port is hidden under the flip-down kickstand. I noticed you can’t start the scooter up when charging.

atomi alpha scooter 07

There is a Bluetooth app, but no matter how many times I followed the directions, I could not get my phone to pair with the scooter. Fortunately, the app isn’t required to change the scooter settings (Drive mode, lights, odometer, units, etc.)

atomi alpha scooter 17

Design and features

On startup, the display illuminates every segment. The battery level is on the lower left, and relative speed on the lower right.

atomi alpha scooter 08

There are many scooters available if you search through Amazon, and I suspect many share the same hardware. The left side of the handlebar features a brake lever, turn signal, and lock lever for folding. The right side has the thumb throttle.

atomi alpha scooter 14

The tires are 9″ tubeless. Here’s a look at the inflation valve (front).

atomi alpha scooter 13

There is a bright white LED headlight. The light and other functions are all controlled via the single button below the speedometer.

atomi alpha scooter 12

There are two amber turn signals. Here’s a left turn, captured mid-blink. The red tail light activates when the brake lever is squeezed.

atomi alpha scooter 11

There are some really cool LED light effects to choose from! The lights are neatly embedded in the riser tube, and under the deck. After entering the LED setup (press the power button x-number of times), squeeze the brake lever to rotate through the colors and patterns. You can also choose no lights if you wish.

atomi alpha scooter 09

There’s a hidden retractable cable and 3-digit lock for securing the scooter. It’s not high security, but it’s better than nothing!

atomi alpha scooter 10

When folded, the top bar is offset a few degrees.

atomi alpha scooter 16


Fortunately,  there are three-speed settings, labeled “E”, “D” and “S”. Double-tap the power button to toggle through the modes. The no-load top speed is 6 MPH, 12 MPH, and 18 MPH respectively.

atomi alpha scooter 15

I noticed that when standing, the very top of the speedometer is cut off (see red circle) and the display washes out a little bit.

atomi alpha scooter 21

I also noticed some slight paint bleed on the speedometer mask.

atomi alpha scooter 18

Out of the box, I noticed some paint imperfections or scuff marks. The top deck’s rubber surface appears to be adhesive. It doesn’t hold very well around the rear wheel. The bolts under the surface aren’t flush and the layer peels back without much effort.

atomi alpha scooter 19

I took a test drive in the E, D, and S modes. I’m a first-time rider. None of the modes appear to affect off-the-line acceleration much. There is no neck-snapping instant acceleration with these. However, I could definitely feel the higher top-end speed differences.

atomi alpha scooter 20

What I like

  • Looks sleek from afar
  • Neat LED effects
  • Smartphone (Bluetooth) not required

What I’d change

  • Fit and finish misses in a few places
  • I could not get the app to pair

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for superfast thrills, the Atomi Alpha electric scooter may not be it. If you’re looking for an electrified scooter with a sleek design with integrated LEDs, check this one out.

Price: $549.99
Where to buy: Atomi Alpha and Amazon
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  2. Beverley Hamilton

    Hiya, can you get one like this but with a seat attached plz as I can’t walk very far. I drive my car to the shops & I would love one of these with a seat on to go round the shops on. I do have a mobility scooter which folds up but it far to heavy for me to lift in my car 😢 it needs to people, that’s why I thought one of these would be ideal for me. Hope you can help me. Many thanks from Bev

  3. Hey,

    I saw this on amazon but was concerned by the fake reviews (5 5* reviews from people claiming it was their first escooter but they have reviewed others before…).

    What was the range like? Did it go near the stated 25 miles? What about the top speed?

    1. Due to my riding experience (none) and recent poor weather, I have been unable to test maximum range. However, the battery meter hasn’t budged in my testing.

      Top speed was tested under no-load (it will top out at 18 MPH), which tells me in the real world, it will depend on terrain, road conditions, and weight. During my testing I was too terrified to try to read the actual speed.

  4. Assuming the charger is working and the battery holds a charge, it sounds like a fault with the scooter itself.

  5. Just received my scooter today and love it! The app was super easy to connect and it was a very smooth ride . Like I said just got it so we’ll see when I get it on the open road for speed and length of time it stays charged .

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