Zibra Open It! review (2022) – Do-it-all package opening multi-tool just in time for the holidays

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REVIEW – In 2008 I reviewed the Zibra Open It! and now 14 yrs later they have launched an updated version of this ultimate package opening tool just in time for the holidays when there are many package opening opportunities. Let’s see if the updates make this already useful tool even better.

What is it?

The Zibra Open It! is a 4-in-1 tool that resembles a pair of shears and is designed to help you open a variety of packages.

What’s in the box?

  • Zibra Open It!

Design and features

zibra openit updated 12

At first glance, the 2022 version of the Zibra Open It!  doesn’t look very different than the 2008 version other than the color (the original is the orange one). Yes, I still have the original tool and still use it after all these years.

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Both versions of the Zibra Open It! feature a pair of shears for opening clamshell plastic containers, a knife for slicing, and a screwdriver. So what exactly is new? They’ve changed the design of the knife and screwdriver features.

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Before we get to the knife and screwdriver though, let’s talk about the shears which appear to have remained unchanged and identical to the original Zibra Open It! The look features a lock that keeps the handles together when the shears are not being used. A quick flip from the closed to open position allows you to use the spring-loaded heavy-duty scissors/shears.

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The shears are perfect for slipping those twist zip ties and wire that are used in some packages. Back in the day, I used to use regular scissors to slice through these straps and I can tell you from experience that it’s not a good idea. Regular scissors aren’t made for that job and are easily damaged. The Zibra Open It! on the other hand, makes quick work of the task.

zibra openit updated 10

The heavy-duty scissors/shears are also fantastic for quickly slicing open those super annoying sealed plastic packages like the one you see above. Another great use for the shears is cut flower stems!

zibra openit updated 5

Sometimes you need a knife to slice through plastic wrap, tape, or boxes and the Zibra Open It! has that task covered too. Like the original Open It!, the new version has a spring-loaded retractable blade built into the handle.

To access the knife, you’ll need to slide the cover open and over the tip of the opposite handle. Note that the blade will not lock in place (the original didn’t either). You have to keep the spring-loaded slider pressed upwards to keep the blade extended while you’re using it.

zibra openit updated 15

The blade is obviously small, but it works fine for quickly slicing through packaging tape. Unlike the original Zibra Open It!, the blade can be replaced by removing the cover over the blade. The included blade is two-sided so you’ll get double use out of it before needing to replace it.

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The new design for the built-in screwdriver is, unfortunately, not as easy to use as the original design (in my opinion). The original version had a screwdriver that flipped out of the handle while the new version for 2022 has a screwdriver that pulls completely out of the handle. That sounds like it would be more convenient right? Well, I find that it’s tough to get the screwdriver out of the handle without worrying that I’m going to break a fingernail. It’s held securely in place with friction and there’s just a thin seam between the handle and cap that you need to wedge your fingernail in to get leverage to remove it.


Once removed, you have access to a flat or Phillips screwdriver tips by flipping over the dual-sided bit.

zibra openit updated 9

Although small, the screwdriver is useful for removing those small screws like this one on a child’s toy.

What I like

  • Offers the same tools as before just in a slightly updated way
  • Can be used to open any type of packaging

What I’d change

  • The updated screwdriver design isn’t as easy to use compared to the original design

Final thoughts

If you happen to have an original Zibra Open It! package opening multi-tool, I wouldn’t bother updating to this new version because the updates aren’t really that compelling. I also feel that the original Zibra’s screwdriver was easier to use than the updated version. That said, if you don’t have the original and can’t find the original version in stores, I can still say that the Zibra Open It! do-it-all 4-in-1 tool is a very useful tool if you’re like me and receive a lot of packages 🙂

Price: $17.95
Where to buy: Zibra and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Zibra.

4 thoughts on “Zibra Open It! review (2022) – Do-it-all package opening multi-tool just in time for the holidays”

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  2. Funny, I commented in 2017 after you posted an update of your original review. We still use our all the time. A couple of years ago I tried to order a replacement, they changed it a bit with green handles that were shaped funny. When it arrived though it had been used, so I returned it and just kept the original. Not having the screwdriver integrated into the handle is a puzzling design choice, but I lost my screwdriver bit years ago, so maybe there’s a good reason.

    1. I had completely forgotten that the Open It even had a screwdriver so I obviously don’t use it. When I need a screwdriver, I reach for one of the real screwdrivers in my tool drawer down here in my office, or I grab my Gerber multi-tool.

  3. Julie, I still have the OpenIt from 2008 after your original review. In all that time, it has worked perfectly, cutting everything. Don’t like it in blue.

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