Herman Miller x Logitech Vantum – an amazing gaming chair at a better price

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Herman Miller and Logitech Vantum gaming chair

NEWS – The Herman Miller x Logitech Vantum is the newest collaboration between two giants.  Herman Miller is best known for their incredibly comfortable and ergonomic office chairs, and Logitech is well known for its great gaming keyboard and mice.  A couple of years back, they teamed up to create the ultimate gaming chair, but it was expensive then and even more expensive now ($1800), putting it out of reach of most gamers.  Recently, Herman Miller and Logitech have gotten back together to create a new gaming chair, one that is still amazing but a lot cheaper.  The Vantum has a forward-leaning alignment that encourages an active gaming posture.  It provides support for the head, neck, and upper back, reducing slouching and thus fatigue, as well as adjustable sacral and lumbar support.  Altogether, it has far more adjustments than most gaming chairs, allowing gamers to play in comfort through the longest matches or when streaming on Twitch for hours.

The Vantum gaming chair is predominantly black in color, but it also comes with white or red accents. Oh, it’s also backed by a 12-year warranty!  Currently, the Vantum costs $995–yeah, that’s still steep, but you’re getting what you pay for–and can be purchased from Herman Miller’s online store or from Logitech’s online store.

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6 thoughts on “Herman Miller x Logitech Vantum – an amazing gaming chair at a better price”

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  2. The Vantum has a forward-leaning alignment that encourages an active gaming posture.

    While that may be true, its not adjustable. I bought one, it arrived today, and it feels like im being pushed out of the chair. Horrible design feature to not have it adjustable. The customer service rep said “This chair is intended to be a task chair. Meaning it is for upright ergonomic purpose. Not really for lounge as much. Maybe over time it will loosen and feel a bit more relaxed.” Not the best response to someone who just spent $1000 on a gaming chair.


    The return process is also a joke, returned at my expense and they take a 10% restocking fee.

    Shame on Logitech and Herman Miller

    1. I now have a Vantum, and I can verify that it is, in fact, adjustable. How far the chair can be leaned back and the amount of force required to lean back are both adjustable. This means I can set it to be very aggressive, which keeps keeps me in a very forward, upright posture, or I can set it to more chill, which allows me to lean back and relax. I recommend that you experiment further with the chair; I suspect it has more features than you realize.

  3. Before purchasing my office chair from HM I spoke with an awesome customer rep that advised me that embody is the best chair to purchase. Even though The Vantumis a cheaper option, the embody is a better option. Just ignore logitech name and go to work remote section and look for embody. Honestly is the same exact chair without the Logitech imprints. You should be able to employee discounts against it. I will explain the discount on the next paragraph.

    If the company you work for has a employee discount code, you can get a nice discount. Please note: This discount is provided to companies that buy chairs and standing desk in the masses. Such as my company bought over 7k chairs & Standing desks from for all our offices, not including Remote employees.

      1. Sharing codes is not possible because the code is tied with your company work email. You should ask your company do they have a discount with HM and follow the steps shared with you.

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