Google GBoard – a radical new keyboard

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Google GBoard Keyboard

NEWS – Tired of your old QWERTY keyboard?  Do ergonomic keyboards twist your wrists in funny directions?  Maybe you should take a look at a new concept keyboard from Google Japan:  The Google GBoard.  Instead of stacking keys over keys, the GBoard puts them all in a row.  Yes, one big long row!  That would make it over five feet long.  On the other hand, it’s also only 2.5 inches deep, so no matter how crowded your desk gets, you’ll have room for this keyboard.

While this is a practical joke–they say you type twice as fast if you have two people–they actually prototyped the thing and provide some support for building your own on this GitHub page.  If you decide to make this for yourself, let us know how it works! Or just check out all of our mechanical keyboard reviews and get a real keyboard. 🙂

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