Gunhild V1 M4 Black Limited Edition watch – The final production version

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REVIEW – A look at the final version of the Gunhild V1.M4 Black Limited Edition watch with the Winter Camo bracelet.

What is it?

The Gunhild V1 M4 Black Limited Edition watch is a slightly trimmed down, more polished 45MM automatic watch.

What’s in the box?

  • Gunhild V1 M4 Black Limited Edition watch w/ White camo leather strap
  • Jeweler’s flathead screwdriver
  • User Manual
  • Authenticity card w/ serial number, date of purchase, client name, and maker’s signature
  • A Pelican-style weatherproof case

Hardware specs

  • Case – Stainless Steel/Black PVD/ Radiation & Vertical Brush
  • Dial – 4 Layers of Stainless Steel/Various finish/brushes
  • Movement – Automatic Miyota 8N40 Skeleton
  • Bracelet – White/black Camo Calf Leather strap
  • Glass – Double Domed Sapphire Glass
  • Strap Material – Stainless Steel/Calf Leather
  • Water Resistance – 100 Meters
  • Case Diameter – 45 mm without crown
  • Case Thickness – 16mm
  • Crown – Polished/Sandblast
  • Case back – Open Exhibition with Serial number
  • Lume – C1 Lume
  • Hands – Polished gun barrel style
  • Second hands – ACOG scope style
  • Warranty – 2 years limited

Design and features

Back in June of this year, I got the opportunity to review a prototype watch by Gunhild that was up on Kickstarter.  The project was a success and here I am with the final production version.

The Gunhild V1 M4 Black Limited Edition watch is the first of their Range Day Collection and little has changed from the prototype to this one. But the changes they made make a world of difference. The V1.M4 arrives in a Pelican-style weatherproof case sporting the Gunhild logo on the top. Perfect for the first watch in Gunhild’s Range Day collection.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Gunhild V1 M4 Black Limited Edition watch that’s different in comparison to the prototype is the case and bezel. The bezel is now octagonal with softened bevels instead of round. And while the case shares the same shape as the prototype, it no longer has the cut-out at the corners. They also have softened bevels.  Although some of the Kickstarter supporters liked the previous version better, I think it was a smart move for the guys at Heimdall’s Workshop. The prototype used the same case design as their previous line of watches. Now the Gunhild V1.M4 watch sets itself apart from that collection to be the first of their new line. Another difference is the crown design. No longer is it the round knurled crown. Now it’s fluted and tapered, which I find slightly harder to wind than the old version. The knurling gave my big fingers more to purchase. I do like the looks of the new crown though.

Next, they now have a beveled exhibition back on the case with the company logo designed into it encircled by some watch specs and the serial number. Speaking of the case, they’ve slimmed it down some so it’s a tad bit lighter.

The Gunhild M4 watch prototype I received included the black stainless steel bracelet and black FKM watch bands. As you can see, I got the white camo calf leather this time.  As far as looks go, I prefer the steel bracelet, but the leather one is much more comfortable. The leather is soft, supple, and unsurprisingly lighter. The watch is rated water resistant to 100 meters, but I don’t think I’ll be taking it swimming with the leather strap.

The Gunhild V1.M4 watch’s multi-layered watch face still has the scope reticle design and the gun barrel hands with plenty of Lume. They also kept the ACOG riflescope for the second hand, so you still get that little pop of red spinning around. The only change to the face I see is where the previous version had AR15 stamped below the hour 6 mark, the new version has M4 V1 stamped into the inner ring of the case. I am a little confused by that since the watch is listed as the V1.M4 Black on their website.

This is a limited run with only 300 pieces worldwide. Now I say that, but for any of the three options of the Gunhild V1.M4 watch you select on the Heimdall’s Workshop website, it says there are 300.  So, is that 300 of the White Camo, 300 of the FKM, and 300 of the Steel bracelet making it 900 in total? Or is it 100 of each for a total of 300?


Not a lot to talk about here.  The Gunhild V1.M4 watch is a mechanical watch. Pull out the crown and wind it to set the time. Push it in to wind it or just move around. The movement is automatic so it will wind itself as you move while wearing it. The power reserve for the V1.M4 is 42 hours.


Gunhild again uses the Automatic Miyota 8N40 Skeleton movement in the final version along with the double dome sapphire glass, making this watch reliable and scratch resistant. It’s water and rust-resistant and uses C1 Lume to make it easier to see the time in the dark. The V1.M4 is still built like a tank that can take some abuse and still look good.

What I like

  • The design. I like it even better with the redesigned case
  • Quality components
  • Rugged
  • Made in North Carolina

What I’d change

  • The crown, maybe a little knurling?

Final thoughts

The guys at Gunhild are killing it. The Gunhild V1.M4 watch and other designs are interesting and unique.  I like that they make quality time pieces here in the U.S. without doing the same thing as everyone else. Their watches have character and won’t be confused with another brand. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Price: $795.00
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