Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch review – The first watch in Gunhild’s Range Day Collection inspired by the gear used by the US military and law enforcement

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REVIEW – If your idea of a cool watch is a A “Luxury American Watch” with design inspiration from the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle using precision manufactured components from Switzerland, Japan, and American design, then the Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch is one you should check out.

What is it?

The Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch is a tank of a watch that’s zeroed in on the M4 design elements and assembled in Heimdall’s Workshop located in North Carolina.

What’s in the box?

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 6

  • Prototype Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch 45MM with FKM rubber strap
  • Stainless steel bracelet with butterfly clasp

Hardware Specifications

  • Dial – 4 Layers of Stainless Steel/Various finish/brushes
  • Movement – Automatic Miyota 8N40 Skeleton
  • Bracelet – Stainless Steel with Butterfly Deployant Clasp, FKM rubber strap, or White/Black Camo Calf Leather strap
  • Glass – Double Domed Sapphire Glass
  • Strap Material – Stainless Steel/Calf Leather
  • Water Resistance – 100 Meters/10 ATM
  • Case Diameter – 45 mm without crown
  • Case Thickness – 16mm
  • Crown – Polished/Sand-blast
  • Case back – Open Exhibition with Serial number on the final product
  • Lume – C1 Lume
  • Hands – Polished gun barrel style
  • Second hands – Acog scope style
  • Warranty – 3 years limited

Design and features

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If you read my previous review of Gunhild’s Vegvisir Adventure dive watch, you’ll recall I am not a horologist or luxury watch expert of any kind. I’m a regular guy who appreciates pretty much all well-built machines and, in my opinion, the Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch most certainly qualifies.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 14

Gunhild has six different watches in its lineup, three of their Viking-inspired line are currently available on the Heimdall’s Workshop website.  The V1 M4 watch is the first of their Range Day Collection. It was a Kickstarter project that was fully funded and recently ended. But don’t fret, for non-backers, it is up for pre-order.  Production of the watch began in May at the halfway point of the project, so backers should get delivery notices starting in September of this year.

The Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch I was sent to review is their prototype, but, if you like what you see, there were only a few design changes made based on a poll they conducted with the Kickstarter backers. The bezel on the prototype matches those of the current models for sale on the website, but the finished V1 M4 will feature a different bezel, case, and crown design. It will also have an exhibition case back.  Here’s an artist rendering of what the final product will look like.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 17 e1654969997700

You’ll notice the chamfered edges of the case, the octagonal bezel, and a different crown shape.

The Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch I received arrived in a small watch-sized box, but the final version should come in a luxury watch case like the one in my previous review. Remember, this is the prototype.

It came with the FKM (fluoro-elastomer) rubber watch strap installed with the steel bracelet included. My first impression upon picking this thing up? It is a tank of a watch. The case is thick in a good way and the watch is heavy!

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 11

It feels like you could throw it at a brick wall and feel badly for damaging the wall. Does this necessarily equate to being well built? In this case and in my opinion, yes. Yes, it does. Tolerances appear to be very tight.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 12

The FKM strap is also thick and beefy, so no worries about tearing it should it catch on something as far as I can tell. Sure, you could cut it if you wanted to, but why would you do that? The steel bracelet is wide and reminds me of tank tracks. Like the FKM one, the bracelet is quite substantial and built to last.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 13

Looking at the watch face, you can see the gun barrel hands with plenty of Lume to glow in the dark when needed. The hour markers and ticks around the perimeter received the same treatment. The face itself is designed after a scope reticle and for the aesthetic, they’re going for, fits perfectly. The portion showing seconds has the ACOG riflescope look, so you get that little pop of red spinning around. Just below the 12-hour mark, there’s the Gunhild logo of the double-edged battle-axe.  gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 3

A nice little touch I didn’t notice until taking some pictures of the Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch is just below the 6 and a little to the right. You can see AR 15. Pretty cool.  These guys go all out on their highly masculine designs so if that’s your thing, check them out.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 5

Behind the watch face, you can see the Automatic Miyota 8N40 Skeleton movement which I appreciate. I’m that guy who watched all the How It’s Made episodes, so I love seeing how things work. I was a little disappointed since the one I received doesn’t have the exhibition back. I would’ve enjoyed seeing it. The prototype has a matte black case back with the battle-axe logo in a slightly glossier finish. Gunhild lists a power reserve of 42. I’m going to show my ignorance here and say that, based on a quick internet search, it means 42 hours.

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Putting on the Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch, you will notice the weight of it on your wrist. Trust me, you won’t forget you’re wearing it.  You will want to get the bracelet correctly sized for your wrist should you decide to go that route. By the way, if you have a small enough screwdriver, you can size it yourself. The bracelet links are attached with screws. Thanks, Gunhild! Oh, because of its size, folks with smaller wrists may find it too big for their tastes. I, however, am a big ol’ corn-fed southern boy, so no worries here.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 10

The double domed sapphire glass is of the same quality as the rest of their lineup. I haven’t scratched it even with my clumsiness. And of course, it’s crystal clear.

The watch seems to stand up to elements like a champ. This one has been in the rain, sand, and saltwater with no ill effects.

I do have a couple of niggles I want to share with you. When wearing the FKM strap, the buckle doesn’t lie flat on my wrist.  I’m pretty sure it’s due to the thickness of the strap itself. Not a huge deal but thought I’d mention it.

gunhild v1 m4 carbine black 9

Next, the butterfly deployment clasp gives me issues when putting on the watch.  I’ve never owned a watch with this type of clasp so this could be my fault. I’ll get one side clasped (Clamped? Attached? Connected?) and it’ll pop off when clasping the other. I do get it on, but rarely the first time. Finally, the clasp seemed to have a couple of hot spots that irritated my wrist initially, but after wearing the V1 M4 for a couple of days, that’s no longer an issue—just something to keep in mind.

What I like

  • The design. I like guns, so it’s right up my alley
  • Quality components
  • The ruggedness of the build
  • Visibility of the movement
  • Optional watch bands
  • Ease of resizing the bracelet
  • Made in North Carolina

What I’d change

  • Other than the buckle not lying flat, nothing

Final Thoughts

I like where the folks at Gunhild are going and can’t wait to see the next watch in their Range Day Collection. The Gunhild V1 M4 Carbine Black Watch is built to last and looks mean as Niflheim. I’m extremely interested to see the finished product so if anyone gets it, send pics! I personally love their designs. I also like that the company is located in North Carolina. Having lived in South Carolina for 20 years, they seem like a bunch I’d like to sit and have a beer with.

Price: $695
Where to buy:
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  2. This is pretty neat. I’ve been visiting the-gadgeteer since 1998.
    However, it doesn’t remind me that much of an M-4, but I do see the inside jokes. I didn’t recognize the Acog sight until you pointed it out. (I think I’ve only used the ACOG once). Now that Sig Sauer got the NGSW contract, do you think these guys will make a M5/MCX Spear watch?

    1. Kenneth Woodham

      Honestly Richard I don’t know where they’re going next, but I’m interested to see. As for the ACOG, I had to look it up to verify. Never had the pleasure of using one. I know they’re watches aren’t for everyone, but I think it’s cool to see something different and not a variation of everything else out and about.

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