Coofly S600S power station review

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Coofly PowerStation 4

REVIEW – We recently lost power for three days due to a big storm. Fortunately, a friend let us borrow a generator that saved all of the food in our fridge/freezer, and we used some small battery chargers for our phones. Since then, we’ve been thinking about a portable power option for our electronics, a fan or two, and possibly even our fridge. If you’re also looking for a small, portable power station for camping or power outages, the Coofly S600S power station is one to consider.

What is it?

The Coofly S600S power station is a 600W backup battery with multiple ports and outlets, and the option to add solar panels.

Coofly PowerStation 2

What’s in the box?

  • Coofly S600S power station
  • AC power adapter
  • Car charger
  • User manual

Coofly PowerStation 1

Hardware specs

  • Manufacturer: Jupiter Technology Co., Limited
  • Part number: ‎S600S Black
  • Item weight: ‎15.43 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 16.73 x 10.16 x 11.97 inches
  • Item model number: ‎S600S
  • Color: Black
  • Power source: battery-powered, solar-powered
  • Battery Capacity: 184000 milliamp hours
  • Input: DC/Solar: 12-24V 120W and USB-C:PD 100W
  • Output: Car charger/DC output shared 120W; and USBA (2) 18W; and USB-C PD 100W; and AC (2) stable at 600W, peak at 1200W

Coofly PowerStation 8Design and features

We’re not new to power stations, we reviewed one earlier this year. The Coofly is less expensive and less powerful than the EBL station we previously reviewed. It takes about the same time to charge and is about the same size.

Coofly PowerStation 5


Setting up the Coofly S600S power station is self-explanatory. You just plug it into your wall, car charger or solar panel (120W solar panel not included). Ours came 70 percent charged.

A digital display clearly shows your battery percentage.


We haven’t had any power outages since I got this. But my son and co-reviewer is building a cabin in the woods with his buddies, and he’s used the Coofly S600S power station a lot. Primarily they’ve used it to charge devices. At most they had it powering a speaker and three phones (2 on USB; 1 on AC). Overnight, they used it to power a fan.

Coofly PowerStation 3

Our only complaint about the Coofly S600S power station is that it takes a long time to recharge. For example, Mason came home and plugged it in just after noon, exactly 12:10 PM (10 percent battery). By 4:28 PM it was only up to 28 percent; 5:40 PM it was up to 45 percent. When he needed to use it again, at 7:09 PM, it was only up to 69 percent.

Coofly PowerStation 6

As examples of chargeable devices, the manual suggests:

  • USB output: smartphone, smartwatch, digital camera, e-reader, tablet
  • 12V car charger outlet: light, car adaptor
  • AC output: laptop, LED screen household appliances

Coofly PowerStation 7

In one full charge, the Coofly S600S power station can power:

  • LED lights for 115 hours
  • A laptop (9 times)
  • A projector for 5.7 hours
  • A fan (12 hours)
  • An iPhone12 (50 times)
  • A Nintendo Switch (36 times)
  • A wall-breaking machine for 23 hours (I think they mean blender!)

Coofly PowerStation 9
What I like

  • Easy setup
  • Clear display, simple to use

What I’d change

  • Faster charging time

Final thoughts

The Coofly S600S power station is a solid choice for backup power with multiple possible uses.

Price: $499.99
Where to buy: Amazon (there’s currently a $150 coupon on the page)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Coofly.

4 thoughts on “Coofly S600S power station review”

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  2. I received a Coofly S1000P-S and there is a problem with the AC power adapter. I have been unable to contact the company because the service email does not work. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you..

  3. BEWARE! I purchased the S1000S and I’m feeling it was a mistake. My unit will not charge and attempts to contact the company have gone unanswered. Accessing both the website and included QR Code results in a 404 web error. It’s appearing they may no longer be in business.

    1. I realize this post is about 6 months old, but maybe posting the info will help someone else that ends up in a similar situation… So, here’s what I’ve got 🙂

      You can contact customer service using a few available options! For each of the choices, It appears the hours would be:

      Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm(PST)

      I found Chat is a supported option that can be easily accessed by navigating to the website, & by next, selecting the chat bubble, prominently displayed in the lower, right-hand corner of each page on the platform.

      E-mail: [email protected].

      I found this phone number reflected in the last page of the user manual, which stated… You can also call the Consultation Hotline: (400) 115-6188

      It may also be worthwhile to review the information included on the following two pages:

  4. First, I should share thaty prior message was actually intended f to be a reply to Peter’s post. I’m in the process of doing a swap on a Jupitek S1200, and was pleasantly surprised that support followed up with me even though technically it’s after hours. Not sure what’s going on with your situation Patrick but it sounds like the opposite of my experience as they seemingly have been great so far.

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