Reviiv Light Knee+ dual-light joint therapy device review

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REVIEW – Do you suffer from knee, shoulder, or other joint pain and inflammation? One way to help with that is to take anti-inflammatory drugs and another way is to use infrared technology like the Reviiv Light Knee+  dual-light joint therapy device. Does it really help? Let’s find out.

What is it?

The Reviiv Light Knee+ is a medical-grade light therapy device. According to the Reviiv Light website, the Knee+ is a red and near infrared wearable…

dual-light therapy device that uses LED light and medical-grade laser technology to help accelerate healing and reduce chronic pain.

They say that:

In a single session, Reviiv KNEE+ activates Nitric Oxide and increases blood flow. Using a technique called reactive hyperemia, scientists tracked vascular activity during a single 5 minute KNEE+ session. They observed improved restoration of blood flow in treated tissue, meaning lasting pain relief and joint recovery.

They also claim that it is proven to:

– Support near-complete recovery of damaged blood vessels and cartilage.
– Reduce inflammation and decrease joint pain.
– Strengthen the body’s own unique healing process for faster rehabilitation.

You can check out more info and studies here and here.

What’s in the box?

  • Zippered storage case
  • 3 dual light modules
  • Wearable harness for the modules
  • Charging dock
  • USB-C charging cable

Design and features

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The Reviiv Light Knee+ is a dual-light joint therapy device that is comprised of 3 separate dual-light modules that magnetically snap into a black plastic charging dock.

reviiv light knee 4

The charger has a USB-C charging port on the side.

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The individual modules have the Reviiv logo on the side.

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And on the top are two separate lights that are made up of multiple infrared and near infrared LEDs.

reviiv light knee 6

On the bottom of each module are the charging contacts, a status LED in the center, and the power button on the left.

reviiv light knee 9

While the modules are charging, individual LEDs in the charger show the charging status for each module. While they are charging, the LED glows red.

reviiv light knee 10

When the charging is complete, the status LED glows green.

NOTE: After writing the review, I learned that my test unit was a prototype. The production units look slightly different, mainly the charging case. The production device also includes a feature where turning on one module will automatically power on the rest of them. To see the physical differences, check out this video.

How to use the Reviiv Light Knee+

Instead of using the device on one side of the joint and then having to do it again on the other side, the Reviiv Light Knee+ can provide therapy to all sides of the joining with deep penetration.

To use the Reviiv Light Knee+ is a dual-light joint therapy device, you must first charge the modules with the included charging dock. Then you can place each module in the included harness/strap.

The elastic between each module can be adjusted slightly to lengthen or shorten the strap so that it can fit snuggly around your knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.

reviiv light knee 19

Here is the Reviiv Light Knee+ around my knee. But I don’t have any issues with my knees, so I didn’t test the Reviiv with that joint.

reviiv light knee 13

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to adjust the strap to fit my right hand which has the beginnings of arthritis. The strap isn’t made for that small of a loop. So I improvised by resting the modules on top and below my hand as I surfed the net. Although the strap wasn’t secured, the modules didn’t fall off.

reviiv light knee 15

Pressing the button on each module turns on the infrared LEDs and the status LED on the opposite side. The therapy session lasts for 5 minutes, after which time, the modules automatically shut off.

reviiv light knee 18

The image above is the before image. Look closely at my right hand near the base of the thumb above the wrist. See the slight swelling compared to the left hand where you can see the tendon in the same area? That’s the issue I’d love to fix.

reviiv light knee 25

I used the Reviiv Knee+ once a day (back to back 5 min sessions for a total of 10 minutes per day) for two weeks. The image above is the after image. Can you tell a difference? I think the swelling in my right hand is slightly improved but it’s not super obvious from the picture. That doesn’t mean that the Reviiv isn’t working though. I think I need to use it for a longer period of time to fully make up my mind about it.

What I like

  • 3 modules mean therapy from different angles at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What I’d change

  • Need to include more adjustable strap options
  • If a 10-minute session is advised, then why not make that the default session time instead of requiring the user to manually initiate two 5-minute sessions back to back?

Final thoughts

The Reviiv Light Knee+  dual-light is a joint therapy device that uses infrared and near-infrared light waves to help with inflammation and healing of joint issues. This type of therapy has been tested and proven to provide relief for swelling and inflammation in joints by increasing blood flow and rebuilding cartilage in the affected areas.

I tested the Reviiv Light Knee+ with my hand which has arthritis. So far I can’t tell if it’s really helping that much, but I’ve only been using the device for two weeks. I’ll need to continue using it regularly for a month or so in order to share my thoughts on how effective this device might be for issues like mine. So stay tuned or an update coming soon!

Price: $349.00
Where to buy: Reviiv Light
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Reviiv Light.

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  2. Unless they, as is quoted here: “confirmed their quality with a quality certificate according to which their device is in accordance with… electrical equipment safety standards.”…
    On top of that, a “dual-light joint therapy device” isn’t what my vet uses for my arthritic dog’s hips…

    I would say that a snake oil saleswoman is selling a bill of goods that is dubious, at best.
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