This modular multi-tool hangs from your keychain

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If a Leatherman multi-tool is overkill for your EDC, then here’s an interesting alternative. It’s the WYN Multi-Tool Capsule which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Available in stainless steel or titanium, the Capsule is shaped like a … well… capsule! But the magic comes when you unscrew the Capsule’s segments because each one is a tool. There’s a slotted screwdriver that can double as a pry tool, a Phillips screwdriver, and even a tiny knife. The carabiner doubles as a turn handle so you can get torque while using the screwdrivers, and the cap on the end can be used as an alternative to your finger for pressing buttons in germy places.

WYN has a history of 7 other successful Kickstarter projects, so I have no reason to assume this project will be any different. They’ve already reached their funding goal, so head over to Kickstarter where you can pledge $39 for a Capsule EDC multi-tool which is estimated to ship in August 2022.

And if you don’t want to wait until August, you should consider Keyport keychain multi-tools. They are a lot more functional and are priced starting at $19.99 on Amazon. Check out all of my Keyport reviews too. They’ve been on my Julie’s favorite gear page at one time or another.

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21 thoughts on “This modular multi-tool hangs from your keychain”

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  2. No knife/saw, no bottle opener. No seatbelt cutter or window breaker. I’ll stick with my multi tool knife thanks

  3. Christopher Schuster

    $40 for a gimmick “tool” that has so few useful purposes. Might I add your link:
    And if you don’t want to wait until August, you should consider Keyport keychain multi-tools. They are a lot more functional and are priced starting at $19.99 on Amazon.

    Takes us not to the $19.99 item but one for $59.99 instead of a brand search results.

    Overall, this “article” was clearly driven to gain Amazon affiliate revenue for you instead of genuinely informing the readers.

    A fail.

    1. Christopher, My fault on that Amazon link. I had originally linked to that one and was going to change it to the overall Keyport page on Amazon but forgot to update it. I have updated it to a better page.

      As for writing the post just to link out to Amazon, I promise that that’s not true. I saw this multi-tool and thought it was useful for me personally. I don’t carry a knife in my pocket or a multi-tool but recently we took a load of recyclables to a self-serve recycle area at a local park and they had signs that you had to break down the cardboard boxes before putting them in the giant dumpsters. We had a bunch of boxes that weren’t broken down so I had to use a sharp rock as a knife. Since then, I’ve been looking for a tiny knife to put on my keychain for times like that one. When I saw this tool during my news idea surfing session, I thought it was worth writing about.

        1. I looked closer and don’t see the threads. I think you have to assemble it in the precise order shown, as the Phillips head steadies the next one in line, and the screwdriver steadies the Phillips. Looks more like they pop off with a friction or o-ring-type seal. Still, tiny and a bit of a gimmick.

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