Carsule turns your SUV into a camper!

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NEWS – I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again… I’ve never gone camping and at this point in my life, I’m not sure I ever will. At least not true camping without a tent. That’s not to say that I’m not interested in camping gear though, so the Mogics Carsule caught my eye. This pop-up tent looks like a fun and relatively easy way to add a “room” to your SUV for an almost glamping kind of experience. Well, glamping without a bathroom, and 70-inch flat-screen TV. But I digress. The Carsule is a 5.9 x 6.5-foot cube that is priced at $379 on Amazon. Make sure you check out the reviews before ordering as some people claim that it leaks in the rain. My solution for that is to not go camping when it’s raining 😉 While I’m at it, who enjoys Nikki Delventhal’s videos?

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25 thoughts on “Carsule turns your SUV into a camper!”

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        1. I was about to say the same thing. It made for an odd shape to the vehicle itself. GM should have tweaked the shape of it to make it more acceptable, but they simply gave up on it.

    1. It’s not sealed. You are literally outside and not hotbox’d in a closed controlled environment. If anything, you’d probably cough or get nauseous from the fumes.

    2. Seriously who does that? I have not been camping since I was a kid but I don’t remember bringing all kinds of things that need energy to bring solar power panels and a power station

  2. I’ll bet that would have prevented our minivan from smelling like smoked sausage the last time we went camping. We had left the back open but then had trouble lighting the campfire. Made more smoke than fire. This carsule would have kept the smoke out.

    1. I love your timing, Julie! I was literally just looking for something like this last night. Because I wanted a way to use the back of my Sorento when I fly RC. Sitting under the hatch is insufficient and I also don’t want to sit in the vehicle. I also didn’t want to invest in a towable trailer but this could be the perfect way to get out of the elements.

      1. David,
        It seems like many people are interested in this type of product because this review went nuts as far as traffic today and has been read over 13,000 times! If you get one, please do come back and let us know how well it worked for you.

        1. Hi Julie, I wish I could say we had a great experience with a Carsule, unfortunately the aerodynamics stink. Even with pool noodles helping to put a pitch in flat room didn’t help keep the rain from pooling on roof and leaking. It didn’t hold up in light winds. While it looks cool and has a relatively easy set up, this is an inferior product and a waste of money. Many people use Napier brands and have given good reviews.

    2. We wasted our money on what looked like a very cool camping set up. It set up easy and definitely was great the 1st day. Unfortunately if it rains and/or even if it’s a little bit windy Carsule doesn’t hold up, literally. Leaked rain in many places, very unsteady in light winds, even staked down. Please don’t waste your money!

  3. Big power pack – check
    Portable fan – check
    Table and chair to make into a portable office – check
    Cooler with snacks and drink (that we can plug into the power pack) – check

    Now, how can we add that bathroom to make this into a real off site office? Maybe one of those privacy shower tent things next to it?

  4. For those complaining that it’s not sturdy enough it isn’t meant to be a sleep in area. This is based on technology my kids had for inside play cubes in the early 2000s. But it is a good way to keep mosquitoes off you and chill out of the Sun on a sunny day. I would definitely consider it for daytime use if I were going to keep the bugs out or just want to sit out during the day and read a book peacefully. In other words yes there are better options for camping but where are you going to find one that packs up nice and tidy like this one. It’s for light day use and chilling out. If you are going to sleeping something I would consider something else like a regular tent, a rack mounted tent or a light towable.

    Thanks for showing us this and I can see it being a useful tool to get you out of the Sun and out of the bugs 🙂

    1. If I wanted something just to hang out in just to read a book or get away from the bugs as you say I don’t think I’d spend almost $400 to do it, that’s just a bit ridiculous if you ask me, easy to pack and set up or not. The idea is great I think they should go back to the drawing board and develop something sturdier and more aerodynamic for camping and they’d have a real winner! 👍😁

  5. Aerodynamically incorrect…wind and rain will either blow it down, collapse it, or get you wet anyway.
    You can plan to not camp on the rain, but when the weather is bad is when you want extra space the most.

  6. When I hear go camping, I don’t think about sitting in a cube and reading a book. Hiking, sleeping bags, BBQ, fire pits, fishing, etc. Outdoor activities mostly come to mind. Why would anyone want to spend money on a glorified cube to read a book in the middle of no where!? This must be for people who do not like camping or outdoor activities. What is the point of camping if they are going to stay in their cube the whole time. Lol!

    1. Because some of us disabled folks who lost limbs in wars can’t go hiking but still love the open spaces…BJ you’re exactly the kind of selfish human that makes me wonder was my and my brothers in arms sacrifice,really worth it?

      1. Thanks for your service. I barely write reviews or whatnot, but this comment from this BJ guy sounded extremely insensitive, to the point I felt the urge to write you. Some people seem to think that the world revolves around their belly buttons. Btw, I have the same comment as you, even though I’m not disabled. I’m just old, and sitting in a nice place and reading a book is all that I ask for when camping.

  7. First off, most campsitrs have 120/240 v hook ups these days. Second potable toilets are common camping gear as well. Seems some folks just look for things to complain arent percrct about almost evrything these days. Personaly i oen a class A motorcoach, and i glamp just fine. If you want all tue comforts of home i suggest you buy one as well. This is a cool little item for what it is.

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