The JackRabbit micro e-bike is tiny and has no pedals!

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NEWS – The JackRabbit electric bike is now available at for $1199.99 and you’ll never have to pedal it. Because you can’t. 

The bike should give a 12-mile range and a maximum speed of 20 mph if conditions are right, meaning a very level roadway or downhill. The bike doesn’t have great climbing capacity so it is possible to have to ‘walk it’ in some conditions.  But with its shortened wheelbase the bike looks fun to ride and easy to store. If ‘folded’, which means with handlebars removed, it is only 7 inches wide. One reviewer claims it fits behind the car seats and doesn’t even need to go in the trunk.

The JackRabbit weighs in at a measly 24 pounds, and sports a 300-watt motor housed in the rear wheel hub. It has 20-inch fat-ish tires, and the 36 volt, 4.2 amp hour lithium-ion battery recharges in 2 hours. A spare battery is $199.99.

If you weigh under 240 pounds the JackRabbit will accept you as a rider and it offers ‘sweat free fun’ riding. As long as you get to your destination before the battery empties. The JackRabbit is available in four colors, black, white, yellow, and electric blue.

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