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ARTICLE – I’ve long subscribed to the idea that the smaller something is, the more likely you are to carry it and have it when you need it. Here are my favorite everyday-carry, don’t leave home without them gadgets so far for 2022. When you’re done reading this article, go check out the rest of the Gadgeteer team’s favorite gear of 2022 articles.

Leatherman Charge TTI

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 02

I was bitten by the multitool bug in 1985 when carrying a backpack load of tools in addition to heavy books was a curriculum requirement. What a pleasure to carry a Leatherman PST instead of needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, slotted and Philips screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a knife! Everything I needed in one elegant package. Since then, I’ve carried a Leatherman in my pocket every day.  For the past few years, my tool of choice has been the Leatherman Charge TTI. Its size and utility can’t be beaten and very few days go by that I don’t use it multiple times!

iPhone 12 Pro and Alpatronix BX12 charging case

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 10

Like most, my phone is my lifeline for communications, entertainment, and information. Plus, mine has probably saved my life a dozen times because I’m severely hypoglycemic and it connects to my Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor and warns me when my blood sugar is dangerously low. Combined with an Alpatronix BX12 charging case, I can keep my phone charged and running all day without worrying about a low battery.

Manker T01 flashlight

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 03

Yeah, I know – there’s a flashlight in my phone, but there are lots of times when a real flashlight is necessary. I love the utility of a single-AA flashlight that’s pocketable but still has enough power to keep up with the big boys. My Manker T01 flashlight sees daily action and, as you can see, it looks the part with “authentic battle damage.” This flashlight is no longer available so alternatively, I carry a very similar flashlight, the Wuben E6 that I reviewed.

All-Ett Sport Wallet

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 06

My chiropractor warned me about carrying a wallet in my back pocket, so I carry my cash and cards in an All-Ett Sport wallet in a front pocket. I’m on my fourth one, having worn out the previous three over years of faithful service. The one I’m carrying now is getting a bit worse for wear so I’ll need to replace it soon, but after trying dozens of other wallets, the lightweight utility of the All-Ett Sport Wallet is a winner for me.

Zebra SL-F1 ball-point pen

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 05

Fitting into one of the internal pockets of my wallet, the Zebra SL-F1 pen is always there when I need it, extends for comfortable use, writes well, and sees frequent use. My wife doesn’t carry a purse and uses it almost every week to take notes in church.

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 08

Tweezerman flat nail clippers

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 04

It’s shocking how often I use tail trimmers. No, not only because I need to keep my werewolf claws pristine, but also to clip wire ties on my checked airline bags (as of this writing, it’s ok to hand-carry nail clippers on domestic flights), file a sharp burr off of a plastic edge and, with some finesse, even remove a splinter. The Tweezerman flat nail clippers fold flat so I can carry them in my wallet, but appear to have been discontinued. Fortunately, Victorinox 8.2055.CB Swiss Army Nail Clippers are virtually identical.

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 07

EarFun Free Pro 2 ANC earbuds

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 09

When I travel and need a moment of zen, or to find a happy place despite the crying baby in seat 19B, the EarFun Pro 2 ANC earbuds which I recently reviewed have won a place in my heart… and pocket. They sound great, aren’t cumbersome to carry, have great battery life and the active noise canceling is airplane paradise.

EDC 2022 Dave Moore 01

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