This little speaker is the perfect addition to your EDC collection!

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NEWS – Since when is a speaker something EDC fans use? Since the Muzen Wild Mini Rugged Outdoor Speaker, that’s when! This little military-styled Bluetooth 5.0 speaker can attach to your backpack or bike to make your everyday adventures more fun and musical. Whether it’s blasting the soundtrack from West Side Story while I’m hiking (don’t judge me!) or listening to a podcast about stationery during a walk in the woods (I said stop judging!), the Muzen Wild speaker won’t weigh me down. It is IPX5 waterproof, has a rugged metal body, and has a built-in flashlight that has an SOS mode. Want one? Then head over to Amazon where you can order one for $109.

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13 thoughts on “This little speaker is the perfect addition to your EDC collection!”

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  2. The company’s description on the Amazon page tells us “MUZEN upholds the humanistic feeling of temperature…”

    I think I’ll wait for your review.


  3. Please do not use this while hiking. It is extremely annoying to listen to other people’s music when out for a nice walk.

  4. This little thing looks pretty cool. I dig the style. You know I’m all about Tacti-cool. 😉

    And Paul, fear not—I’m sure Julie will use it to blast nature sounds at limit of the speaker’s volume while she hikes with it.

  5. Had to make a comment to reiterate — please do not use a speaker while hiking. It has to be one of the biggest hiking taboos out there, right below leaving trash everywhere.

  6. But is it as loud as a minirig, I fear not….EDM people which, judging by your taste in sound’s you are not need volume and bass which….doesn’t look like you’d receive from this postage stamp of a speaker…

  7. Christopher Schuster

    On the Amazon website, there’s a consistency to the one and two star reviews:

    Sound quality and battery life.

    I’ll pass.

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