Here’s a gadget that will help you put on a clasped bracelet by yourself

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NEWS – If you enjoy wearing bracelets that use clasps (also known as lobster and spring rings) to secure the jewelry around your wrist, you will know how awkward it can be to secure the clasp by yourself. You’ll either need to grow another arm/hand or ask someone to help you. If you live alone and growing another arm isn’t possible, you need a gadget to help you. Clasp Magic is just such a gadget that has been designed to function as an extra hand. The clasp end of the bracelet slides into a special holder that holds the clasp in the open position. Then you can wrap the other end of the bracelet around your wrist, put the loop in the clasp, press the button on the Clasp Magic and abracadabra, the bracelet is secured without asking your significant other for help. Check the video below to see it in action. You can buy the Clasp Magic for $32.99 from

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