Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger review

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REVIEW – I used to have many of those cube-shaped iPhone chargers, until I gave them away to people who “needed a charger”. Over time, I’ve been keeping my eye out for chargers with USB-C, but I still need the “old” USB-A charger, too. Thank goodness I got the chance to review the Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger with both USB-C and A ports.

What is it?

There are many wall chargers out there, but the more ports you add, the bulkier they get. Recently, gallium nitride (GaN) based chargers have shrunk the physical size of chargers, packing more punch per cubic inch. The Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger is listed as having a total of 66W, but that’s slightly confusing. Read on to learn why.

What’s in the box?

There’s not much: the box is certainly bigger than the diminutive Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger!

Hardware specs

I took a snapshot of the included paper manual that explains how the charger supplies power.

The 66W rating is derived from all three ports in use: 30+18+18 = 66. This does not mean each port can supply 66W. However, when a single USB-C port is used, the charger is designed to supply up to 65W.

Product Dimension: 50*50*25 mm

Design and features

There are flip-out prongs for the Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger, which is a feature I really like for travel. It’s pictured here next to a common Apple 18 (or 20) watt USB-C charger.

What I like

  • Charges up to three devices simultaneously
  • Flip-out prongs
  • Small

What I’d change

  • It would be nice if each of the USB-C ports could output 65W each at the same time, but 30W is pretty good!

Final thoughts

The Unitek USB-C 3 port 66W GaN wall charger is now my go-to charger around the house to charge nearly everything. Its small size and folding prongs will also make it my new travel charger as well.

Price: $35.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Unitek

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