The Adventure Mate 5-in-1 multi-tool is back to make your outdoor adventures epic

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NEWS – In 2017 I first reported about the Adventure Mate 5-in-1 camping multi-tool and now it’s 2021 and they are back with an updated version. Made in the USA, version 2 of the Adventure Mate is an obvious step up from a swiss-army knife or Leatherman tool when it comes to multi-tools for outdoor adventures. It features a modular design with one handle that attaches to different powder-coated tool heads that turn it into an ax, saw, shovel, hammer, and hook. And it all packs neatly into a holster that can fit under the seat of your vehicle. Want one? Then take $240 to and place your order. You will find the first version of the Adventure Mate on Amazon for a little more than a third of the price of the new one which will be on Amazon soon.

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