FireFast is a Zippo lighter on steroids

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NEWS – When you think about Zippo lighters you probably think of a pocket-sized chrome lighter with a hinged flip cover that you click open when you want to light a cigarette like a soldier in an Army movie. Wow, that was oddly specific… That was the past, this is the future and the future has a bigger flame with the Zippo FireFast Torch. The butane refillable FireFast looks more like a pistol than a lighter. It features a grip handle and a trigger, as well as a child safety lock. You can adjust the FireFast’s flame from a soft yellow flame to a blue flame that heats up to 2,400°F/1,300°C. Use it to light candles, campfires, the grill, and more. You can buy this torch/lighter on Amazon for $19.20

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2 thoughts on “FireFast is a Zippo lighter on steroids”

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  2. Robert van Weersch

    As a cigar smoker, I’ve been using these “jet” or “torch” lighters for many years. They work in every kind of weather, even in a gale, and they set my cigars way faster on fire, which is, flavourwise, a very good thing. And indeed, because the flame is very hot, you can even do some emergency soldering with it. I once used it to fix a broken 230VAC/12VDC convertor when we were camping 1000 km from home, in the south of France, and our cooler broke down 🙂

    But honestly, I think this model is quite ugly and too large. I use models which look like normal lighters and will fit in your trouser pockets, without getting uncomfortable.

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