Gray’s cases and bands will take your Apple Watch into the future

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NEWS – GRAY is a luxury brand from Singapore that offers futuristic and sci-fi-inspired iPhone and Apple Watch accessories that are made from aerospace-grade metals. There’s the eye-catching CYBER WATCH shown above which is made of titanium or aluminum and is available in a variety of colors for $399 – $1299.

There are also the RESKAR Apple Watch cases (below) that are available in titanium or carbodyne. Carbodyne is made of carbon fiber sheets that are stacked together in different directions to create a unique, wavy pattern. The RESKAR cases are priced from $599 – $1299.

The CYBER WATCH and RESKAR Apple Watch cases include a custom-designed Apple Watch band in your choice of 8 colors or you can buy the bands by themselves for a hefty stand-alone price of $149.

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