Here’s a multi-tool that you can use to build a shelter and the furniture for it!

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NEWS – Have you ever seen a tool like this one? Me neither which is why I thought it was interesting when I stumbled upon it during one of my recent multi-tool hunting surf sessions. This tool from Weyland is called a scotch eye auger drill. With this carbon steel tool, you can quickly drill a 1-inch diameter hole and then you can make the perfect sized peg for that hole using the same tool. As you can imagine, a tool like this one will become an invaluable companion on your outdoor adventures. Take it with you when you go camping so that you can make a primitive shelter, a ladder, a stool, a fish trap, and more. The Weyland tool is priced at $38.95 on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Here’s a multi-tool that you can use to build a shelter and the furniture for it!”

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  2. it’s a weird, strange world

    one the projects i’m working on is “bushcraft” drill for an acquaintance…a bit and a driver

    the bit……i do like this type better than the average auger

    the driver…well that’s the rub
    a lot of stuff works…ratchets, bit drivers, tap wrenches and t-handle breaker bars
    however they are all bright and shiny, not very rustic

    this a clever idea but i suspect that whanging on the socket with a stick will be the death of good idea
    that weld looks a bit sketchy

    after all that the guy who wants it makes “rocket” stoves from logs or stumps…one hole down and one intersecting hole across

    makes a heckuva fire

  3. Note this comment on this item from Amazon –

    Shawn With The Wild
    1.0 out of 5 stars Trademark infringement!
    Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2021
    “Settlers Wrench” is registered trademark not to be used without authorized consent!

    Check it out on Amazon. You should withdraw this review and make a comment as to why you are doing. I assume that this is a Chinese knockoff of the original product.

  4. Is the user supposed to grab onto the sharp auger threads to smack the cylindrical cutter over a stick to make the 1″ diameter peg? Perhaps it comes with a protective cover/handle?

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