Make your own pencils with this insanely awesome kit!

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NEWS – I feel like I’m a pretty crafty person. I’ve made my own leather notebook covers, I like to draw, and I’m currently trying to learn to sew on a vintage Singer sewing machine. I’ve always been interested in getting into woodworking but have only dabbled in it with not good results (I tried making a cigar box guitar a few years ago that was a fail). Then I stumbled upon the Pencil Precision kit from Bridge City Tool Works and wow does it have me drooling. This kit has everything you need to make your own wooden pencils from start to finish. It includes wood blanks, leads, and even ferrules and erasers. Check out the video below that shows it in action. The only downside to this super cool kit is the price. It’s $699. OUCHY! Not interested in making pencils? How about chopsticks? They have a kit for that too and the price is more affordable at $259. Head over to the Bridge City Tool Works for more info. My advice… lock up your wallet first because their stuff just looks amazing.

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5 thoughts on “Make your own pencils with this insanely awesome kit!”

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  2. The $700 price is sort of deceptive. Most of the cost is for a set of precision tools that I am sure can be used for a number of other projects. The tools that they make look totally awesome even though I would have no use for any of them except perhaps for the layout tools.

  3. bridge city tools makes a lot of incredible stuff that i can’t/won’t afford

    however making a pencil is possible with a lead, a stick and a drill
    a bit rustic but they write

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