Smooth out the rough edges on your 3D prints with this tool

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NEWS – I recently reviewed the sub $100 Easythreed K7 mini 3D printer and I have to say that the 3D printing bug has bitten me. As I wait for another (better) 3D printer to come along that I can review or buy, I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos and dancing the web for models, tips, etc. I stumbled upon a tool that I think would be perfect for smoothing the rough edges that are left after cutting out supports. It’s the Retouch3D tool. It looks sort of like a woodburning tool or soldering iron and it comes with several tips that you can use to smooth, blend, refine, and cut PLA, ABS, and resin when the tip is heated. The Retouch3D appears to only be available in the UK and is priced at £64.99, but you can find a similar tool on Amazon for $62.49.

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6 thoughts on “Smooth out the rough edges on your 3D prints with this tool”

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  2. I recently took up 3D printing thanks to the Gadgeteer review on the Kywoo printer. I have been building up whittling skills to shave off those 3D printing nits and support materials. Melting them down is pretty clever.

      1. I’ve made:
        cell phone stand – Kywoo model
        corner fittings for Kywoo plexiglass dust cover – from Kywoo
        rice/pasta strainer – from Thingiverse
        fidget rings – from Thingiverse
        mesh bracelet – from Thingiverse
        beer cap shooter – from Thingiverse
        “Entitled Goose” – from Thingiverse
        shower corner shield – from Thingiverse
        stove knob overlay – had my daughter design using SolidWorks. (A perk of having a girl in STEM.)

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