AutoBrush Pro review – This gadget brushes your teeth for you

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REVIEW – Your oral health is extremely important. Brushing and flossing your teeth is a habit that you should do at least twice a day. But it can be a habit that is easily skipped. What if there was a gadget that could brush your teeth for you? That’s what the AutoBrush Pro claims to do. Let’s see if this product left me smiling or frowning.

What is it?

The AutoBrush Pro is a handheld gadget that you insert in your mouth and it uses sonic vibrations and a wrap-around nylon-bristled tray to automatically brush your teeth

What’s in the box?

I was sent their AutoBrush Pro Total Package which includes:

  • AutoBrush 4 Brush Body
  • AutoBrush Nylon Brush Head
  • AutoBrush Whitening (or Advanced) Foam Toothpaste
  • AutoBrush Automatic Tongue Scraper
  • Pack of fifty Dental Flossers with Charcoal Infused Tread
  • Three AutoBrush Teeth Whitening Pens
  • AutoBrush Whitening Tray
  • AutoBrush Charging Base
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Charging Block

Design and features

The AutoBrush consists of 3 main parts. There’s the AutoBrush body which I am holding in the image above. The body has a soft white rubbery covering with a metal post sticking out of the top. The post is surrounded by red and blue LEDs.

The brush head (whitening tray or tongue cleaner) slides over the metal post on the body. You can also see that the AutoBrush body has 4 buttons. There’s a cleaning mode button that switches between care, cleaning, and massage modes. There’s a light mode button that switches between whitening, therapeutic, and dual modes. There’s also a timer button that allows you to switch between 30 second, 60 second, and 90 second intervals.

The brush head is a flexible silicone tray with soft nylon bristles similar to those on a traditional toothbrush.

You will note that there are only bristles on one side of the head. As you would guess, you can only brush one level of your teeth at a time. Top or bottom.

The third part of the AutoBrush Pro is the charging base. This base will wirelessly charge the AutoBrush and can be used as a stand to hold the AutoBrush when it’s not being charged. There’s a magnetic USB cable that attaches to the bottom of the base when the AutoBrush needs to be charged which is typically once a week.

To use the AutoBrush Pro, you squirt a few dabs of the special foaming toothpaste on the brush head.

See the AutoBrush Pro in action

Note that I did not test the AutoBrush Pro’s teeth whitening feature because I did not want to use the special whitening fluid on my teeth as I’ve read that such products cause gum irritation and even leave uneven “stains” on your teeth. No thanks.

I did try the tongue cleaner and as expected, I found that it was too small and the handle too short to get very far back on my tongue compared to a good old standard toothbrush.

What I like

  • Might be good for people with dexterity issues

What I don’t like

  • Does not “auto” brush your teeth. You have to move it around manually
  • You have to flip it over to do the other set of teeth
  • Needs longer battery life
  • Price – too expensive

Final thoughts

The first time I saw an advertisement for the AutoBrush Pro, I thought it looked awesome because I don’t really enjoy brushing my teeth and am always up for something that makes life more efficient. Unfortunately, the AutoBrush Pro doesn’t do that for me. It actually makes brushing your teeth more complicated and messier not to mention costlier when you consider the price. At over $200, you can buy several electric toothbrushes, several extra toothbrush heads, toothpaste, and even a water flosser and STILL have money left over. While it may be helpful for people who have hand dexterity issues, I can’t recommend this product for everyone else.

Price: $217.00 for the total package
Where to buy: AutoBrush and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by AutoBrush.

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  2. Funny you did this, I started looking at these this morning. But I’ve found they (autobrush 2000’s in general) arn’t very good from my reasearch this morning.

  3. You sure get some weird products to test! For people with small mouths, this may be a problem getting it out once in there (anxiety attack!). I can just visualize a trip to the ER to have this thing removed.

      1. OK, thanks, I guess I missed that feature. Too bad the unit is one sided, as if it had bristles on top and bottom, you could do a full brushing with one cycle.

  4. The still pic of you with that in your mouth is the single greatest picture to ever appear on the Gadgeteer. You win the internet today.

  5. You are a good sport! Thank you for doing this so we don’t have to.
    And for saying “don’t laugh” which just made me laugh all the more. Go Gadgeteer!

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