WITHit Titanium Band for Apple Watch review – Get dressy with it

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REVIEW – Most of the watch bands I have for my Apple Watch Ultra 2 are great for everyday wear. They are usually rugged and similar to the ones that Apple had originally designed, such as the trail loop, alpine loop, and ocean band. But nothing would be a good fit with a suit for an upcoming wedding. Enter the WITHit Titanium Apple Watch Band. Did this band dress up my Apple Watch enough to suit up and not stand out?

What is it?

The WITHit titanium watch band for the Apple Watch is designed to use a unique mechanism to remove links for the best comfort.

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What’s included?

  • WITHit Titanium Apple Watch Band
  • Instruction card

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Tech specs

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  • Grade 2 titanium with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) protective coating
  • Hypoallergenic titanium finish
  • Easily removable links
  • Compatible with 42/44/45/Ultra/Ultra2 Apple Watches


Design and features

One of the reasons why I didn’t already own a metal link band for my Apple Watch, was the hassle and inconvenience of removing links to fit my wrist. Usually, the metal bands come with a tool to slide out the pin between links. This involves lining up the tool with the pin, turning a knob to advance the tool to push the pin, then pulling the pin to remove the link – like I mentioned, not the most elegant solution.

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The WITHit Titanium Band for the Apple Watch approaches this adjustment process with an Apple-like design. To remove a link, simply pull and rotate an end of the link, slide out the link, connect the adjoining link, and un-twist the end to complete the band again. I know I’m not doing this process justice, so here are some pictures of the process from the included instruction card:

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 11

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 12

Although the adjustment process is the star of this band, the quality is just as top-notch. The color matches pretty well with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. There is a minor difference in sheen to the finish but that’s only noticeable when I zoomed in when taking close-up pictures. Once on the wrist, it’s almost a perfect match.

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 4

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 3

And the WITHit Titanium Band for the Apple Watch is comfortable too! I adjusted the band size to my wrist but wondered if it would be too tight if I removed just one more link. Since the adjustment process is super easy, I was able to remove a link in less than 30 seconds….and it was too tight, so putting the link back was just as quick – genius!

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What I like about the WITHit Titanium Band for Apple Watch

  • Color, the match for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is very close
  • Convenience, the mechanism to swap out links is truly a game-changer

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 2

Final thoughts

WITHit TitaniumWatchBand 13

The WITHit Titanium Watch Band for the Apple Watch does dress up the Apple Watch Ultra! After attaching the titanium band, and then changing my watch face from Modular Ultra to something more dressy like California, my suit was complimented perfectly. In fact, I received several comments on the band!

The band adjustment process is elegant and matches the look and feel of the band. I ended up continuing to wear this band for a few weeks after the wedding because it was comfortable and I enjoyed sporting a different look on my wrist.

Considering the closest option from Apple is the Silver Link bracelet at $349.00, I can say that the WITHit Titanium Band for Apple Watch is a great product at a fair price. I would highly recommend this band!

Price: $145.00
Where to buy: WITHit Titanium Band for Apple Watch or grab a stainless steel band for $20 from Walmart
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by WITHit Gear. WITHit did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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