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NEWS – What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Leatherman? Multi-tools right? Well, this newly launched product from Leatherman isn’t quite the multi-tool that most of us imagine. The new Leatherman Raptor Response Emergency Shears are a pair of folding shears that have been designed for emergency responders. They are lighter and more compact than the previous iteration and feature stainless steel blades with aluminum handles with a cerakote ceramic coating. While these shears are primarily designed to cut things, they also have a couple of extra functions. There’s a built-in ring cutter, ruler, oxygen tank wrench, and there’s even a handy pocket clip. If you’d like a pair of Leatherman Raptor Response Emergency Shears, head over to leatherman.com and Amazon where you can buy a pair for $69.99.

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5 thoughts on “Leatherman has something new!”

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  2. This is a very occupation-specific tool! I’ve never needed to cut off a ring before. I’m sure emergency responders need to, every now and then.
    I wear a tungsten ring. That ring cutter would not work on it. Turns out it is easier to crack it using vice-grips because these rings are not very ductile.

  3. I was an original Leatherman customer up until there was a change of management, then their Lifetime Warranty became invalid. I have an original first edition leatherman multitool, an original first edition supertool (broken), a Surge that replaced the supertool and a raptor folding scissors.
    The surge is fraught with design and manufacturing flaws/defects- it is a useless piece of garbage. Both blades chipped on first use, the saw/file blades kept falling off the clip, and the can opener philips screwdriver is too loose wont stay locked in or locked out, the wire cutters are supposed to be replaceable but for some reason the replacement kit is never available in the retailers or their website.
    Then there is the raptor, the blades chipped after cutting a piece of fiberglass, after a few instances of cutting small tree branches. The polymer holster is attached to a belt clip with one flimsy screw that got loose resulting in the holster and tool falling off somewhere – total loss.
    I have since purchased a Gerber MP 800 Legend, to replace the now absolutely useless Surge. So far the only drawback is the scissors being teensy. But everything else is fine.
    I also have been using the same cutting scissors that nurses and emts use for cutting stuff, it has its own sheath. With a conventional #3 side cutter pliers. That handles bigger stuff the Legend can’t manage.
    This new incarnation of the raptor is a joke. I cannot recommend this product.

  4. Original Leatherman are still covered…newer models are covered for 25 years…I wore out the file on my original and had a small chip in the blade. Sent it in and they replaced both and the can opener that was just dull. Since I told them I was kind of attached to this particular one they fixed mine instead of replacement, they offered a new pst. Never had any trouble with my surge and I use it pretty hard…I also own a rev…sadly I can’t recommend that one. I would recommend a wave+ for most people.

  5. Skeletool is my go to. Lost one, wore one out, blade and pliers in two years, I’m a general contractor and I use it a dozen times every day. Now on my 3rd. They offered to replace the blade and driver bits, but I chose for a whole new tool instead. Have a REV also, not the same feel but no complaints. My SIGNAL stays in my hunting pack, no complaints there either except for weight.

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