MOFT x Popl Tap-To-Connect Stand & Grip review

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REVIEW – Today’s smartphones can be incredibly slippery if you don’t use a case and even with a case, they can be awkward to hold and use without two hands. That’s why grips like the PopSocket have become so popular. Now MOFT has entered that same space with their new MOFT x Popl Tap-To-Connect Stand & Grip. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The MOFT x Popl Tap-To-Connect Stand & Grip is a magnetic disc that attaches to the back of your phone to provide a grip, a stand, and an NFC tag that can share contact info with other people/phones.

What’s in the package?

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  • MOFT x Popl Tap-To-Connect Stand & Grip
  • Snap phone sticker
  • Clear glass sticker
  • User manual


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The MOFT x Popl (I’ll just call it Popl from now on) has a magnet built into the back of it so that means it can easily be used with a newer iPhone that has MagSafe. If you have one of those phones, you just take the Popl out of the package and stick it on the back of the phone and you’re done.

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If you’re planning to use the Popl with other phones, you’ll need to add the included Snap Phone Sticker which I have shown above.

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And, if you also have a phone with a glass back, you’ll need to stick the included Glass Sticker on the back of your phone before you use the Snap Phone Sticker.

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I tested the MOFT x Popl with my iPhone 12 Pro Max which has a glass back, so I put the MOFT Glass sticker on the back of my naked phone. As you can see, the result is really ugly. Yuck.

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Then you can peel and stick the Phone Sticker.

moft popl 38

I’m not sure why the Glass Sticker is square and considerably larger than the Popl but you can see that it it’s not attractive.

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The Popl itself then sticks to the back of the phone. Note that you can stick the Popl right to the back of the iPhone 12 series of phones without using the additional stickers, BUT, adding the Phone Sticker does make the attachment feel a bit stronger than without the sticker. But like any MagSafe accessory, the strength of the attachment is not super strong. I’ve had the Popl pop off just by pulling my phone out of my pocket.

Design and features

The Popl’s main functions are as a stand or a grip. The Popl unfolds to turn it into a stand for using your phone in landscape or portrait orientations. You can also take the Popl off the back of your phone and use it to prop the phone straight up or sideways. The only issue with using it that way is that you’ll just be balancing the phone on the stand. The magnet in the Popl won’t attach to the phone.

When using the Popl as a grip as shown in the image above, you’ll still need to grip the sides with your fingers because I would not trust the magnet to hold the Popl to the back of the phone in the event of something knocking into the phone while you’re holding it.

The Popl app

Another feature of the MOFT x Popl is that it has an NFC tag built into the outside surface. You can use this tag to share your contact info with friends.

To do this, you have to download an app and sign up for their service and create a profile with all your social media accounts and other contact info. Note that some of the platforms require that you pay for a Pro version of the Popl account in order to share that info. The Pro upgrade is either $4.99 a month or $47.99 for a year. I don’t know about you, but I hate it companies sell products but only give you a partial feature set and make you spend extra for the rest of the features.

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When you tap your phone on the back of someone else’s phone, they will see your info as shown above.

What I like

  • Removable phone stand and grip

What I’d change

  • Glass sticker is too large and looks hideous
  • Include all the NFC features instead of charging extra
  • Too expensive

Final thoughts

I like MOFT’s other device stands for the iPhone and iPad, but I am not impressed with the MOFT x Popl Tap-To-Connect Stand & Grip. I think they need to include the option to semi-permanently attach it to the back of the device because I don’t trust the strength of the magnets. I also think it’s kind of crappy that they are charging $40 for this stand and not giving you all the features unless you sign up for the Pro version of the app.

Price: $39.99
Where to buy:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by MOFT.

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