Unique moving art for your walls never gets old

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moving sand art

NEWS – We remodeled the main level of our home at the end of 2019 and we still haven’t put up any artwork on the walls. Why? I’m afraid I’ll get tired of it. Today I want to show you a solution for art boredom. It’s called Movie Moving Sand Art and they are framed wall mountable moving sand art pieces. They are designed with a space-themed background and sand that flows behind a clear pain that shifts and moves when you flip the frame.  Air behind the pane can be regulated to speed up or slow down the movement of sand.

The KB Collection moving sand art is interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile handcrafted art pieces. Turn the sand picture over to watch the battle of the elements: The sand just wants to settle at the bottom, the air just wants to escape to the top, the water hosts the party. The result is the sand trickles between the air bubbles to create fascinating stratifications in the sand mountains.

The Movie Moving Sand Art pieces are available with different background prints and small, medium, and extra large sizes. Prices start at $79 for the smallest size (13 x 8.5 inch) and go up to $900 for the extra large 28 x 20 inch size. You can learn more and order by visiting movingsandart.com and Amazon.



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