WalkingPod Mesh with Bug Screens – A new type of “wearable”?

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NEWS – So the WalkinPod Mesh with Bug-Screens is a real thing. I did a double-take and started laughing when I first saw the photo in a CNET post. Apparently, the product was released in preparation for the Brood X cicadas. I commented to my husband that it looks like someone flipped a mesh clothes hamper upside down and put it on.

In addition to protecting people from cicadas, I suppose it might also work in keeping insects away from those who are sensitive or allergic to insect bites/stings without the need for any insect repellants. You might get some strange looks, so you’ll also need a healthy what-the-heck/I-just-don’t-care-about-what-the-neighbors-think type of attitude.

The WalkingPod Mesh with Bug-Screens is made using fine-gauge mesh material. The areas around your arms and body are cinched to keep insects out, it has a zipper in the front if you’d rather grip a lawnmower from the front of the pod, and it comes with backpack-style adjustable straps for the perfect fit (I’m laughing as I write this). The WalkingPod Mesh with Bug-Screens comes in one size (adult) and is available from Under the Weather for $89.99 (really?!?) and Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “WalkingPod Mesh with Bug Screens – A new type of “wearable”?”

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  2. That’s hilarious! But having said that, it’s totally something I’d wear around my yard because the gnats and mosquitos are terrible! When I work outside, I wear long sleeved shirts and a hat that has a net around my head.

    1. Julie – I hear you – I used to work in northern Wisconsin and the mosquitoes there were terrible! I think your get-up would actually allow for more flexibility when working outside (and wouldn’t get in the way like the Walkingpod Mesh) and save you money too…

  3. My kids have some of the mesh clothes hampers and wear them upside down in the house for fun. I think it wouldn’t be too tough to retrofit one for this kind of usage with an x-acto knife and some duct tape for the front “slit” and some string/rope for the “backpack straps”. Maybe $15 all told? You’ll still look silly but you’ll also look “smart” for saving $75. When people laugh at you, you can laugh back all the way to the bank.

    1. Ross – Yep! That’s what my kids would have done too when they were younger! 😆 I was thinking the same as you about being able to modifying a hamper yourself to save money. Though I’m not even sure I’d take the time to do that and would probably just drape mesh around my body or do what Julie does to allow for freely working around the yard. I think the WalkingPod Mesh would get in the way of things.

  4. Cicadas are harmless, at least to humans. No point for that.

    I’d consider it if it kept the gnats away while I’m mowing the lawn however.

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