Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair review – Find out if sitting really is killing you

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Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair

REVIEW – I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk, being a software developer and writer. I’ve had many chairs over the years, some good, some bad. I recently set up a guest room, and the Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair review offer could not have come at a better time. Would I keep it for my office or use it in the guest room? Read on to find out.

What is it?

The Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair is an office desk chair with a built-in health monitor.

What’s in the box?

  • Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • User manual

Hardware specs

  • Weight: 55lbs/25kg
  • Seat Height: 16″ to 19.5″
  • Recline: 140°
  • Seat foam: 7cm(2.3in)thick
  • Lumbar support
  • Head Rest

Design and features

The Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair requires assembly. It arrived in a large box, but it was not packed very well, having two of the shafts of the base sticking out of the side of the box. Despite that shortcoming, none of the contents were damaged.

Assembly was pretty typical for an office chair. I found the seat portion to be very comfortable, even better than the current Autonomous ErgoChair that I currently use. However, the seat height was too low for all of the desks in my house. With a range of 16″ to 19.5″, whereas a typical chair is 17″ to 21″. This height discrepancy means that your forearms have to go up to the desk instead of being level with it, as is usually considered ergonomic. The wheels were also very nice compared to other chairs I’ve seen.

The arms mount off of the back of the chair instead of the seat like many other chairs.

The headrest adjusts up and down slightly but does not adjust forward and backward, so you actually have to lean your head back to use it. The headrest is also very flexible.

The headrest is nice, but not very adjustable

The lumbar support is adjustable. However, because of the range of motion (up and down), it only adjusts where it lies on your back and not how much it supports it.

The lumbar support is mediocre

The arms of the Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair adjust up and down, forward and back, and rotate inward and outward. However, only the up and down motion has a button/latch mechanism that keeps them in place. The other adjustments move when there is pressure applied, making it difficult to keep adjusted where you like them. With the seat and the armrests all of the way up, the armrests were 27″ off the floor, with a typical desk being 28″ to 30″ tall. Normally you would adjust the armrests to the same height as the desk unless your keyboard was mounted under the desk.

The mesh material is very breathable
Armrests adjust in three positions

I found that there’s quite a bit of flex between the various parts of the chair. For example, when the backrest is locked, shifting your weight from sitting upright to leaning back caused the armrests to move about 1/2″ (13mm). When the backrest was unlocked, the arms also rotate upward and rise as the backrest leans back. There is also no adjustment for the resistance of the backrest. It’s either locked or movable. I prefer the back to be a little harder to lean back.

The Health index feature of the chair is located in the right armrest. At first, I thought it would be difficult to plug in the charging cord. However, the magnetic plug made that task easy. It’s so easy; it finds and attaches itself almost automatically. You can attach it without even looking. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones and uses Bluetooth to communicate with the chair. You don’t run the sensor continuously, it’s designed to be turned on manually, run the app, then turn it off.

The health monitor sensor is easy to reach and doesn’t get in the way

At first, I thought the Health index feature was a gimmick. However, after using it, I found it to be quite helpful and easy. My readings accurately showed my stressed state, as I’ve been battling some back problems and shoulder issues recently.

What I like

  • Seat portion is comfortable
  • Wheels seem very nice
  • Health Monitor App

What I’d change

  • Seat does not raise high enough
  • Not as sturdy as some other chairs

Final thoughts

If your keyboard is mounted under your desk, the Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair might be a good addition to your workspace. However, if you have your keyboard on top of your desk, you may find the chair a little low for good ergonomics. The seat portion is really nice, however, the rest of the chair has more flex than I cared for.

Price: $499.00
Where to buy: Nexvoo
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Nexvoo.

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