Based on the classic Bic pen, this 3 pack will set you back 199 Euros!

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pinel bic

NEWS – The design of these pens is obviously based on the popular and cheap Bic pen. But that’s where the similarities end because these pens are made in Paris by PINEL et PINEL, have a blue, white or red leather-wrapped barrel, and a gold or silver cap. This 3 pen set will let you celebrate France (or the USA if you switch the order) and will make your wallet gasp when you see the 199.00 € price tag. That works out to a little over $235 US. Ouch. Too spendy? Never fear, head over to Amazon and you can buy a box of 144 regular Bic pens for $11.97. Not as fancy, but you’ll probably never need to buy another Bic pen for the rest of your life. You’re welcome.

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