This wireless charger costs more than my house!

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NEWS – Straight from the “who has money for this stuff” file, comes the Volonic Valet 3 wireless charger. Functionally, it can charge 3 different Qi capable devices at once. Be it smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones, wireless earbuds like Apple Airpods, and more. The charging pad is made of wool which is trendy, and wait for it… the base is made of sold 18K gold. Spiffy right? But get a load of the price… It’s $280,000! Yes, that number of zeros is correct.

If your name isn’t Oprah or Jeff Bezos, you can get a MUCH lower-priced but still insanely expensive charger that is made of aluminum. You can customize the charging pad of the charger with your color choice of leather or Alcantara, which is a carbon-neutral material from Italy. Customized chargers start around $800. Still too spendy for you? You can choose from a selection of ready-made Volonic wireless chargers starting at $585. Ready to buy one or two? Head over to and make your wallet weep.

10 thoughts on “This wireless charger costs more than my house!”

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  2. Robert Grenader

    1) Jeff Bezos gets two as a door prize for purchasing MGM Studios.
    2) I’d like one, but I’m not an Influencer
    3) The spirit of P.T. Barnum lives on, “a fool and their money are soon parted.

  3. I dunno, looks like a normal retail markup to me. The web site gives a price of $250,000 and says the gold weight (normally this means without the alloy) is 1500 grams, or more than 48 troy oz. That’s over $90,000 at today’s gold price. And if inflation kicks in, say at the current let’s-print-money Turkish rate of around 17%, you’ll be making money seven years out when the device goes totally obsolete!

  4. Gold would not pass the “Spouse” factor in my house. No matter how nice, if it’s gold it would get vetoed. Guess I’ll have to order the optional brushed aluminum cover for $1,400 to hide the hideous gold. 😛

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