Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 Cordless Pool Cleaning robot review

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REVIEW – Avast! There be a monster lurking beneath the surface! No, it’s not there to eat the boat, wrap its tentacles around Captain Jack Sparrow, or swallow Jonah. It’s here to clean! My mom is 81 and lives an hour away, but I’m her “pool guy,” so I was excited to review Aiper Smart’s AIPURY1500 Pool Cleaning robot to see how well it does in keeping Mom’s summer sanctuary spotless…

What is it?

Aiper Smart’s AIPURY1500 a self-contained, battery-powered, four-wheel-drive, pool cleaning robot that uses suction to eliminate debris, dirt, and leaves from a pool’s bottom and walls.

Hardware Specs:

  • Wall-climbing function and a 4-wheel drive system with programmable cleaning cycle design.
  • Powerful Suction & Efficient Cleaning; (Effectively clean pools of various shapes and sizes, even in corners and bends.)
  • Cordless & Climbing Performance; (No booster pump, no extra hoses.)
  • Advanced gyroscopic navigation
  • Large Top-loaded Filter (Debris, Leaves, Hair, Dead bugs, etc.)
  • Large Battery Capacity; (the large 8600mAh battery can provide up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Designed for above and in-ground swimming pools with a maximum area of 1614 sq/ft.
  • 2-year quality guarantee
  • 19 x 17 x 12.25 inches
  • 23.5 pounds

 What’s in the Box?

  • AIPURY1500 Pool Cleaner
  • Wall Charger
  • Pole hook attachment (used to remove the robot from the pool)
  • Instruction manual

Design and Features:

Aiper Smart’s flagship pool cleaning robot arrived well packaged. After unboxing, the robot needs several hours to fully replenish its batteries which can propel it on its merry way for 90 minutes. An LED on the wall charger indicates charging status changing from red to green upon completion.

Aiper 01

The power connector is keyed so the charge plug only goes on one way. When in use, a rubber blank (attached to the robot by a short tether) keeps the charge socket dry. There is a slot in the power switch that locks the plug in place so it won’t loosen during use.

Aiper 16

Aiper 15

Operating the pool cleaning robot is very easy – turn on the switch, at the pool’s rim, hold the robot underwater for 20 seconds to burp out the air, then let it go.

On the day I tested the robot, I had intended on uncovering my Mom’s pool. Unfortunately, the air temperature was only 46°, so we elected to wait for another day. As an alternative, we partially uncovered the pool and let the robot have a go at the first cleaning of the year – a challenge it was more than willing to undertake!

Aiper 03

Fins gently scrub the pool clean.

Aiper 07

Those with pools will understand the feeling of mystery experienced popping the cover off in the spring – Will the water look cloudy? How much dirt managed to squeeze under the cover? Will there be a lot of dead bugs?  Peeling back the cover, we were very pleased that we could see the bottom of the pool and thought it looked very clean. Wow, we were wrong!

As we lowered the Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 pool cleaning robot into the pool, I was impressed at the amount of suction produced by the cleaning motor. The robot was able to firmly hold itself on the pool walls and when on the bottom, the jet of water coming from the robot’s body pushed a pronounced flow to the top of the pool in four-foot deep water. Very impressive!

The filter is simple to access and remove.

Aiper 04 e1621023854307

Aiper 05 e1621023884156

The first pass across the pool floor left a remarkably clean path.

Aiper 08

Sediment that was too fine to be collected in the robot’s filter was launched into the water. This is great because these waterborne particles will be captured by the pool skimmers and pass into the pool filtration system. Larger stuff like bugs, leaves, and sand were easily captured by the filter.

Aiper 10 e1621023719522

Aiper 14 e1621023554351

The pool cleaning robot’s four-wheel drive and intelligent navigation system slowly and methodically puttered along the pool bottom and nimbly, yet firmly climbed the walls, scrubbing along as it went, everywhere leaving a conspicuously cleaned pathway.

When the battery is depleted, the Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 parks itself along a wall. Retrieving the robot is easy using the included hook which attaches to a common pool net or vacuum pole. My Mom will be able to pull the robot from its resting place to the shallow end of the pool where she can pull it from the depths. It’s relatively heavy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Aiper 13

Aiper 12

Cleaning the robot’s filter was also amazingly easy and took less than a minute– open the door, snap open the filter, dump out the heavy stuff, then rinse the mesh with a garden hose. Voila!

Aiper 11

What I Like:

  • Very easy to operate
  • Simple cleaning
  • Impressive cleaning results
  • Automated navigation

What I Would Change:

  • Longer battery life would be helpful for larger pools

Final Thoughts:

The initial test results of the Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 Cordless Pool Cleaning robot were very impressive and the robot should save dozens of summer hours that were once used for pool vacuuming. Once the weather cooperates and we can fully open for the season, I do not doubt that the Aiper 1500 will be a great tool for keeping my Mom’s pool pristine!

Price: $1298.99
Where to buy: Aiper Smart and Amazon
Source: Sample for this review was provided by Aiper Smart.

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  2. One thing that wasnt obvious to me is that it is only recommended for pools only 2m deep. Mine goes to 3m. I am having a difficult time reaching support for return.

  3. severe upset with this unit after 2 yrs of use.
    the prong on the robot broke off leaving only one prong to charge. can not find a replacement part for this type of plug that the wall charger connects to. the company says has to replace a whole motor unit. does not send or help with the individualized parts.

  4. my Aiper smart aipury1500 is not picking up any debris ? It moves about. Sometimes going forward only on back 2 wheels. Does not go up walls anymore. Basket is empty and no obstructions seen. Runs the entire 90 mins. I only used it last year ?

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