Proscenic M6 Pro Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum and Mop review

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REVIEW – I have pets, a house rabbit and a cat, who make a hobby out of placing their discarded hair in curious places around my home. Any chance I can reduce the probability of finding said keratin follicles in my lunch is welcomed. Let’s see how Proscenic’s M6 Pro robot vacuum and mop do in joining the battle…

What is it?

The Proscenic’s M6 Pro robot vacuum and mop is an automatic household floor cleaning system with LIDAR navigation, a hand-held remote control, and a smartphone app.

Hardware Specs:

  • Power: 33W
  • Size: 35 x 35 x 9.4 cm
  • Suction power: Maximum 2600 Pa
  • Battery: Li-ion 3200mAh
  • Cleaning Time: 70-120mins
  • Control: Button, Remote Control, App, Alexa & Google Home Voice Control

 What’s in the Box?

  • Vacuum/mopping robot
  • Charger
  • Power supply
  • Remote control with two AAA batteries
  • Two edge-cleaning brushes
  • Mopping head
  • Mopping Water reservoir/dust bin
  • Vacuuming dust bin
  • Spare mopping pads
  • Spare dust filter
  • Instruction manual

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Design and Features:

The Proscenic M6 Robot arrived in a well-protected sarcophagus.

Proscenic M6 Pro 01

After unpacking, the robot needs several hours to fully charge to charge. A blue LED on the base indicates power is present.

Proscenic M6 Pro 03

Proscenic M6 Pro 09

Proscenic M6 Pro 11

The M6 Pro’s switch is backlit, giving its present status.

Proscenic M6 Pro 10

I was super-pleased to find the base has ample space for excess cable storage in the base.

Proscenic M6 Pro 08

While I was waiting for the batteries to fill, I installed the app. The link through the QR code on the quick reference card didn’t work, but the one in the manual did.

The app’s straightforward instructions walked me through creating an account and pairing the vacuum. A few button clicks later, it was off and running.

Proscenic M6 Pro 14

As the M6 Pro is cleaning, the app generates a map showing a top-notch map of the robot’s position, as well as the cleaning path already traversed. I was impressed with the clarity and resolution of the mapping capabilities. Should it get stuck, whilst trying to inhale a wayward sock or push a chair to Siberia, finding the vacuum should be easy with this feature. Well done, Proscenic!

Proscenic M6 Pro 24

The robot is nowhere near as loud as my Neato Botvac D7s but did a great job of cleaning. I was impressed with the little dance the vacuum did as it encountered rug edges, looping around the corners to push a displaced rug back into place.

The M6 is also remarkably speedy – by my estimation, about double the speed of my Neato D7s.

The vacuum path of the M6 Pro is considerably smaller than other robots I’ve used, but the sweeper had no trouble gathering up even the smallest crumbs into the vacuum’s maw.

Proscenic M6 Pro 05

The M6 Pro uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to learn its surroundings. One of the major advantages is that the vacuum can find its way in darkness. I’ve owned several camera-based robotic vacuums, including the now-defunct Dyson 360 Eye, and in my experience, the LIDAR vacuums work better, especially in the relative darkness of my downstairs home theater and laundry room.

The M6 Pro had no problems conquering my home’s floors and did an exceptional job gathering my furry friend’s follicles.

Proscenic M6 Pro 15

Should longer hairs or threads wrap around the brush, Proscenic includes a nifty little blade to snip them off. The brush is great for cleaning the vacuum’s nooks and crannies.  Nice touch!

Proscenic M6 Pro 20

After a night’s rest and recharge, the M6 Pro’s mop functions were put to the test…

The M6 Pro includes a dust bun and water bin. Filling the water bin is as simple as opening the cap, filling, and replacing the cap.

Proscenic M6 Pro 07

The mop head attaches to the robot’s base. It does not oscillate during operation, but the motion of the vacuum changes to gentle, repeating arcs about 3-feet long and 10-inches wide, similar to the motions I would make while mopping the “old fashioned” way. When mopping, the robot takes its time, methodically moving back-and-forth, covering the entire floor.

Proscenic M6 Pro 16

Proscenic M6 Pro 17

Proscenic M6 Pro 18

One caveat is that the M6 Pro continued to go over carpets when in mopping mode, so you will want to clear your floor before beginning. Alternatively, once the robot has learned the house topology, “virtual walls” can be created to prevent the mop (or vacuum) from trespassing where you don’t want it to go.

Proscenic M6 Pro 12

One issue I encountered is that there is no feedback to determine when the water reservoir is empty. I’m not sure if any robotic mop has this capability, but it would be welcomed. It should be noted that the mop head stays damp for a prolonged period so there were good results with mopping, but not as good as when there’s an adequate water supply.

I was pleased with the mopping results. Here’s the proof that the mop is working…

Proscenic M6 Pro 21

Another feature I liked is the consumables section which gives the estimated lifespan of the wearable parts.

Proscenic M6 Pro 27

The App is effective and intuitive.

Proscenic M6 Pro 23 1

Proscenic M6 Pro 26

It’s fun to use the included remote control! Got kids? It’s like having a remote-controlled toy car, but while they play, they’ll be helping to clean up the house!

Proscenic M6 Pro 04


What I Like:

  • Dual vacuum and mopping capabilities
  • Excess cord storage in the base
  • Fast!
  • Great results

What I Would Change:

  • Add feedback for “empty reservoir” when mopping

Final Thoughts:

Proscenic’s M6 Pro vacuum is a great all-around floor cleaner. It’s has a great balance of features, LIDAR navigation is outstanding, the app is simple and effective, and the dual vacuum and mopping capabilities are a definite winner. Best of all, it cut down the amount of animal dander “dust bunnies” hiding under my furniture!

Price: $369.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: Sample for this review was provided by Proscenic.

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