Go from concept to reality with Fictiv 3D Printing Services

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NEWS – Not so many years ago, the idea of 3D printing any object/form was automatically linked to being unaffordable or impossible to recreate for most. Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of affordable 3D printers for every level of user from beginner to expert. These 3D printers have been used to create amazing prints with 3D printing files available in the thousands on numerous websites and for many types of models and parts.

We have even seen successes like 3D printed houses and parts for machinery made from various materials that are strong, heat resistant, and long-lasting. The ability to reproduce 3D designs for any idea/concept and for just about any type of business or industry is a game-changer.

If you have an idea or concept and need to make it a 3D printed reality and take it from Prototype to Production, check out Fictiv 3D Printing Services. They offer Instant Quotes & DFM Feedback, MJF, SLA, Polyjet, SLS, FDM Technologies, and 3D Printed Parts in as fast as 24 Hours.

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