RAVPower magnetic MagSafe charger review

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REVIEW – Ever since I picked up the iPhone 12 Pro, I’ve been looking around for MagSafe charger accessories. It’s still a little early, but RAVPower has released their own MagSafe compatible charger that comes with a pleasant surprise: A teeny, tiny 20W USB-C charger.

What is it?

This is RAVPower’s wireless charger with MagSafe technology that uses magnets to align and attach to compatible iPhones and cases.

What’s in the box?

I completely forgot about this, but the RAVPower wireless charger actually comes with the USB-C charger.

  • Charging puck with attached USB-C cable
  • 20W PD USB C charger
  • User guide

Hardware specs

The puck measures 62mm x 6.1mm and crafted with lightweight aluminum.

The charger measures just a little over 1″ on each side.

Charger PD output:

5.0V @ 3.0A
9.0V @ 2.22A
12V @ 1.67A

Design and features

The RAVPower puck seemed a little larger than Apple’s, and it is. Stack on on top of the other and you can see a slight difference. The RAVPower feels slightly sleeker with slightly rounded edges.

Apple uses smooth plastic for the USB-C charger. The RAVPower uses a grippy plastic that collects lint.

Let’s not forget the included charger. Pretty much the same size as Apple’s famous “cube” charger, but this time with 20W of power and a USB-C port.


Not a lot to it. Works just as you would imagine. Snaps right on to my iPhone 12 Pro.


I did notice the magnets were just a tiny bit weaker vs. Apple’s MagSafe charger, but not by a lot.

I drained the phone down past 50% or less and started charging. I read somewhere this permits full speed charging, whereas the phone will charge slower as it nears full.

Somehow, I didn’t see full speed. The crucial spec for a PD-rated charger is the 9.0V @ 2.22A rating but it never it with my testing. Maybe I needed to wait longer? Lower battery percentage? To be fair, my Apple charger didn’t pull full power either at this level.

What I like

  • For the same price, comes with a USB-C charger (20W)

What I’d change

  • A slightly stronger magnet would have been nice.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a MagSafe puck and you’ve realized you need a USB-C charger, this is a good way to go for just under the price just Apple’s MagSafe puck.

Price: $34.99
Where to buy: Amazon 
Source: The sample of this product was provided by RAVPower.

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