This magic straw will cure your hiccups

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NEWS – Do you get the hiccups on a semi-regular basis? I’m lucky – I don’t. But I live with someone who does and if you’re in the same situation, listening to their hiccups can grate on your nerves while they are trying to figure out how to stop them. And yes, I know that hiccupee doesn’t enjoy them either! I usually try the time-honored BOO method which sometimes works, but most of the time we just wait them out. Now there’s another (potential) solution. It’s called Hiccaway and it’s a specially designed BPA-free reusable straw that helps stop the sudden, involuntary spasm of the diaphragm muscle by restricting the airflow to generate pressure while you are sipping a beverage. This pressure helps the brain reset and stop the hiccup. Cool right? You can get one for $14 from and Amazon.

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  2. Usually there is a simple way to stop hicccups and usually, with time, almost cure them. It’s simple. You need to breath the most air you can. When you are “full”, you “do a big bite of air” to bring more in and swallow it, so you create a “pressure inside your chest”. Keep holding it the most you can and usually, when you release, it’s gone.

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