Airpop Active mask review

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REVIEW – Who could have predicted that we’d need to/should be wearing a mask whenever we venture from our homes? Well, here we are. Thanks COVID. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of problems getting a mask that fits well and doesn’t fog my glasses. That’s why I was interested in testing the AirPop Active mask when it was offered to me. Let’s take a closer look.

What is it?

The AirPop Active is a reusable mask with replaceable filters that has been designed to help protect you and others from transmitting viruses like COVID-19 and for protection against pollutants.

What’s in the box?

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  • AirPop mask
  • 4 filters
  • Pouch
  • Strap adjusters

Design and features

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The Airpop Active mask is made of jacquard knit, polyester, PP, and TPE and features a contoured fit folding design and is available in three colors and a one size fits all for adults. The main color of the mask black, with the contrasting color showing through small holes in the mesh covering.

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The mask is very lightweight and has some rigidity to it to form a cup-like shape (is it just me, or does it look like a… ok, nevermind) that helps provide room to breathe/talk while wearing the mask.

It has elastic loops that go over your ears and there are small size adjusters on these loops to help customize the fit.

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The interior of the mask is made of what Airpop calls “airknit”. This material has moisture-wicking properties and there are flaps that fit against the sides of your face.

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Each flap has a tab for the included replaceable filters that provide 4 layers of protection. According to Airpop’s website, this mask has 99.3% particle filtration (PFE) and 99.9% bacterial filtration (BFE) plus fluid resistance. Exceeds Community face coverings CWA 17553:2020 guidelines.

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The filters are individually packaged and provide up to 40hrs of use before you should replace them.

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Inside the filter is a soft/flexible silicone seal that is designed to provide a 360-degree airlock around your nose and mouth.

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Attaching the filter to the interior of the mask is quick and easy.

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Here we see the mask is ready for use. Now to put it on…

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I like that the mask fits around the bridge of my nose so that my breath doesn’t fog my glasses. So score 1 for Airpop.

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In the image above, it appears that the fit around the bottom of my chin is extremely gappy which would not be a good thing. Even I thought this mask was a no go for me just from seeing the picture. BUT, the special filter inside the Airpop mask with the 360-degree silicone seal is actually sealing that “gap” – you just can’t see it. I won’t say that the seal is 100%, but it’s close. The problem with me is that I have a small head/face. But having said that, I would say that this mask seals much better than many other masks that I’ve tried so far. I just wish it didn’t look so HUGE. And is it just me, or are you also getting a Hannibal Lector vibe…

What I like

  • Easily replaceable 4 layer filters
  • Includes adjustable ear straps
  • The shape allows for easier breathing that most masks I’ve tried

What I’d change

  • Too expensive for the mask itself and extra filters

Final thoughts

To me, the best parts of the Airpop Active mask is the filter with the 360-degree seal and the shape that makes it easier to breathe and talk. On the other hand, the biggest problem I have with the Airpop mask is the price. Most people are not going to spend $55.99 for a mask and then an additional $19.99 for a package of replacement filters when they can buy a box of 25 KN95 masks for less than $40 from Amazon. I understand that the Airpop masks look more stylish than KN95 masks, but the price is a big issue for me. I think you’re just paying for an expensive stylish cover over the “real” protective mask/filter.

Price: $55.99 for the mask, $19.99 for a pack of 4 filters
Where to buy: Airpop and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Airpop.

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  2. I also have a small face (aka pin-head) and like the Tommie Copper masks — they have the same type adjustable ear loops as the one you reviewed, but also have a wire inside the mask so you can adjust a tight fit over the top of your nose and a sort of flap at the bottom for a tight chin fit.

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