Should you grab a DJI drone while you can?

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dji mavic air 2

NEWS – Are you big of drones and quadcopters and other flying machines?  Here at The Gadgeteer, we are certainly are!  We’ve reviewed three different drones this year (along with one other I’m-not-really-sure-what-it-is).  If you’re into drones, you’re probably already familiar with the name DJI, a maker of high-end drones.  What you might not know is that DJI is a Chinese company, and that the US Department of Commerce recently added DJI to its “entity list.”  This means that DJI is considered a national security risk, thus US companies are banned from doing business with it.  This is similar to what happened to Huawei, though it’s also different because the Commerce Department alleges that DJI’s tech has been used for wide-scale human rights abuses, particularly against China’s minority Uyghur people.  DJI says that they will still sell their products in the US despite the ban, though it’s unclear what impact the ban will have upon their supply chain.  Should you hurry up and buy a DJI drone while you can?  Or should you pass on DJI products in favor of another company, one whose products haven’t earned such allegations?  That’s up to you to decide.

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