This wallet has all your EDC bases covered – It even has a multi-tool

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dango pioneer 2

NEWS – What is your favorite type of wallet? Is it a minimalist type that just holds cards, or is it an everything but the kitchen sink kind of wallet that fulfills all of your EDC dreams? If it’s the last one, you need to check out Dango’s Pioneer Travel Wallet. It not only holds your cash and credit cards (duh!), but it is even designed to hold a small notebook (included) and a pen with a pressurized refill so you can write upside down because who doesn’t need to write upside down once in a while? Not impressed yet? Ok, how about the fact that it can also hold your passport AND the clasp is a multi-tool. Yep, the clasp has a built-in Philips and flat screwdriver tip, a 1/4in hex socket,  and can be used to pop the top on a cold one. I know you want one, so head over to Amazon where it’s $110.

dango pioneer 3

dango pioneer 1

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